Elite Snagless Cat7 Flat Ethernet Patch Cable, Grey, 35ft

MX78560 Snagless Cat7 Flat Ethernet Patch Cable, Grey, 35ft
MX78560 Snagless Cat7 Flat Ethernet Patch Cable, Grey, 35ft

Product Info

Future-proof your network with Cat 7 RJ45 Network Cables

Cat 7 RJ45 Network Cables feature faster transmission speeds and more bandwidth than previous Cat 6 cable with support for up to 100 Gbps with 600Mhz bandwidth. This new generation of network cables will easily handle high-speed, high-bandwidth network traffic such as gaming, streaming and IP serveillance.

Comparison of Cat 6, Cat 6a & Cat 7
Category Shielded Max. Transmission Max. Bandwidth
Cat 6 Yes & No 1 Gbps @ 10m 250 MHz
Cat 6a Yes 10 Gbps @ 100m 500 MHz
Cat 7 Yes 10 Gbps @ 100m
100 Gbps @ 15m
600 MHz

With standard RJ45 connectors, they are also backwards compatibile with existing Cat 5/6 infrastructure and with work with existing motherboards and networking equipment.


  • Maximum 10G Mbps with 600 MHz data transfer speed reaching up to 100 metres and even 100G Mbps with 600 MHz reaching up to 15metres in one single cable distance, easily handles audio/video such as gaming or movie online streaming and IP surveillance applications. This escalates Cat 6a and any other previous types in RJ 45 category.
  • FTP -- Foiled Twist Pair. Cat 7 is Shielded cable, FTP provides additional layer of protection with shielding (also called screening) wrapped around the individual twisted wires. This protects against EMI/FRI and crosstalk.
  • Bridge Snagless and Flat cable body , perfect for easy-to-access space to work with.
  • High-Graded Metal Connector Casing for its guiding and maximum protections


Cable Type Snagless Cat7 Stranded Network Cable
Jacket Type PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Shielded Yes
Number of Conductors 4 Pair U/FTP
Wiring Standard N/A
Rating CAT7 - 600 MHz
Connectors RJ45 Male, RJ45 Male
Conductor Type Stranded Copper
Wire Gauge N/A
Color Grey
Length 35 ft.
Weight N/A