Elite Snagless Cat7 Flat Ethernet Patch Cable, Grey, 35ft

MX78560 Snagless Cat7 Flat Ethernet Patch Cable, Grey, 35ft
MX78560 Snagless Cat7 Flat Ethernet Patch Cable, Grey, 35ft

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020
By: Rob
From: Winnipeg

order of magnitude slower




degrades performance. see summary but it dropped my network speed a full order of magnitude slower.

Additional Comments:

I had run about 50 feet of CAT5 cable in 2005 that I terminated myself to feed a PC in our our second floor office. I upgraded to a 300mbps internet connection and my wireless devices are getting consistent 300mps speed on different speed test sites but the PC was only getting 90-95mps when doing tests on it. I bought this cable which is CAT7 and 15 feet shorter (10m) and before running it I connected my laptop to the cable to make sure it works and found it getting sub 10mps speeds (8-9mps consistently). Thinking it was my laptop ethernet port (older laptop), I ran the cable anyway and tried it on my PC (the one that was getting 90-95 mps results before).... low and behold it too is getting same crap <9 Mbps connection.switch to the old cable (which I fortunately left in place) and back to 95 my speeds went... switch to this one... down to 9. I believe I have isolated this cable as the issue since its the only variable in these tests that changed. I might have thought that interference in the run was a problem (flat cable.. does run parallel to 120V lines for a short distance) but its shorter, has twisted pairing inside according to manufacturer (just not pairs around each other) and its no excuse at this distance anyway. Plus I was able to see the poor performance before running the cable with my laptop test next to the modem. (I did all these tests on the modem directly removing switches and routers that were in the middle but ended up with same results) Too lazy to pull it out now, $25 down the drain and back to my old cable. At least I am getting near 100Mbps lan on the old one still. my wireless connection to my laptop is getting 3 times that so its sad... but better than the 30 times slower this cable would have provided.
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