Logitech Blue Blackout Spark SL Professional XLR Condenser Mic

MX81035 Blue Blackout Spark SL Professional XLR Condenser Mic
MX81035 Blue Blackout Spark SL Professional XLR Condenser Mic MX81035 Blue Blackout Spark SL Professional XLR Condenser Mic

Product Info

The Blue Blackout Spark SL


Ready to upgrade your home studio or streaming setup to full broadcast studio level? Blackout Spark SL brings Blue's legendary studio sound to your space. With a professional XLR connection and versatile switches, Blackout Spark SL gives you that broadcast studio voice that will transform your podcasts, Twitch® game streams and YouTube videos. The large-diaphragm cardioid condenser capsule and JFET electronics deliver superb detail and rich harmonic audio for the ultimate in professional sound. Upgrade to Blackout Spark SL and hear why Blue is the #1 choice for game streamers, podcasters and musicians worldwide.

From Studio to Streaming

For more than two decades, the world's greatest artists and studios have trusted Blue XLR microphones. And today, many of the world's elite podcasters, gaming teams and Twitch® streamers use Blue mics to achieve professional-level audio performance. Create podcasts that stand out from the rest, elevate your gaming and streaming to the competitive level, and enhance your YouTube videos with Blue.

Inside the Sound

At the heart of Blackout Spark SL's sound is Blue's custom JFET design, which ensures the capsule's backplate is evenly charged and delivering consistent, detailed and transparent sound at all times. Blackout Spark SL also features discreet Class-A circuitry to maintain a pure signal. Add Blackout Spark SL to your next game stream to achieve pristine broadcast studio sound and blow away your audience.

Switch to Versatility

Blackout Spark SL features a new 100Hz high-pass filter and -20dB pad to bring professional versatility to your projects. Things getting intense on your stream? Use the -20dB pad to keep your voice clear and crisp. Experiencing rumble or other low noises from your desktop? Flip the 100Hz high-pass filter and start recording. Blackout Spark SL's incredible flexibility makes it easy to produce superbly detailed audio during any application.

Bring Blue's Legendary Studio Sound to Your Space

Blackout Spark SL is for streamers and podcasters who are serious about their audio. The custom tuned capsule immediately ups your game with detailed, rich sound. An included shockmount makes sure your audio is clean and free from ambient vibration and bumps. And, you can tailor your sound with the onboard switches. Delight your audience with broadcast quality game streams, podcasts, and recordings.

We Are Family

The difference between a bedroom and a broadcast studio is a Blue microphone. For years, Blue mics have helped the Internet's favorite YouTube stars, game streamers, podcasters and voice over artists take their projects to the professional level.


  • XLR connection integrates perfectly with USB audio interfaces and mixers
  • Custom, large-diaphragm cardioid condenser capsule for superbly detailed, focused sound
  • Blue's Class-A JFET electronics deliver rich harmonic audio
  • 100Hz low cut filter increases clarity, reducing rumble from your room or desk
  • -20dB pad keeps your stream free of distortion when things get intense


Make and Model Logitech Blue Blackout Spark SL
Part Number 988-000075
Color Black
Mic Type XLR Condenser Mic
Transducer Type Condenser, Pressure Gradient
Polar Patterns Cardioid
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity 34.9 mV/Pa at 1 kHz (1 pa = 94 dB SPL)
Output Impedance 50 ohm
Rate Load Impedance Not less than 1k ohm
Maximum SPL 136 dB SPL (1k, THD 0.5%)
S/N Ratio 73 dB-A
Noise Level 16.4 dB-A
Dynamic Range 119.6 dB
Power Requirement +48V DC Phantom Power
HPF 100Hz, 12db per octave
PAD -20dB
Dimensions (LxWxH) 220.5mm x 45mm
Weight 336g

Package Contents

  • Logitech Blue Blackout Spark SL
  • Wooden storage box
  • Custom shock mount
  • Manual