Kanto H1 Headphone Stand, Black

MX78599 H1 Headphone Stand, Black
MX78599 H1 Headphone Stand, Black MX78599 H1 Headphone Stand, Black

Product Info

H1 Headphone Stand

Enhance the appearance of your desktop with the sleek and simple design of the H1 headphone stand. Suitable for on-ear and over-ear headphones, this low-profile stand features a contoured silicone cradle to prevent impressions from being left on any headband up to 2 inches wide. Its steel frame and 6-inch wide base ensure maximum stability, while additional silicone padding on the bottom of the stand keeps it firmly in place. Choose between black, silver and white matte finishes to complement your style and space.


The perfect fit.

H1 measures 10″ tall to accommodate most on-ear and over-ear headphone sizes. Its contoured silicone cradle comfortably fits headbands up to 2″ wide while preventing impressions being left on softer materials.

High stability.

Constructed out of steel with a 6″ wide base, the H1 is designed to prevent tipping while holding up to 6.6 pounds. Silicone padding on the bottom of the base also helps to keep the stand firmly in place.

Sleek design.

The H1’s slim steel frame takes up minimal space while ensuring ample stability. Place it anywhere on your desk to keep your headphones within arm’s reach.


Device Type Headphone Stand
Material Steel
Colour Black
Capacity 1 x on-ear / over-ear Headphones
Up to 2" wide bands
Feet silicone padding
Dimensions 6" W x 10" H
Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • 1 x Headphone Stand