Ubiquiti Indoor Gigabit PoE Power Adapter, 60W Black

MX76512 Indoor Gigabit PoE Power Adapter, 60W Black
MX76512 Indoor Gigabit PoE Power Adapter, 60W Black

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Ubiquiti Power over Ethernet Adapter: 50Vdc @ 1.2A, 60W

The Best PoE Adapters to Power Ubiquiti® Hardware supporting passive PoE Power.

Device Protection: More Than Just PoE Power

This 60W PoE Adapter is highly reliable, and when used with optional Ubiquiti TOUGHCable™, they provide earth grounding and surge protection to help protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD) events.



Ubiquiti's Powerful Gigabit 60W PoE Power Injector

This PoE Power Adapter has the best of both worlds; it support Gigabit data transfers while supplying a powerful 50Vdc @ 1.2A, 60W Power Feed, so you don't need to compromise power or data throughput with your remote installed Hardware.

Easier Installation and Support with PoE Power

Your installation options increase dramatically when you can supply Network Security Cameras, Wireless Range Extenders, and other remotely installed Network Hardware without concerns for requiring local power solutions.

Ubiquiti® Compatibility

This Instant 802.3af Adapter is compatible with most Ubiquiti PoE devices supporting passive PoE Power options.

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Make and Model Ubiquiti Power Over Ethernet Adapter, 60W
Part Number POE-50-60W
I/O Ports 1x RJ45 LAN In port
1x RJ45 LAN / PoE Out port
Surge Protection Difference and Common Modes
Up to 1500A (8/20us) Power Surge Protection
Inrush Current < 100A Peak @120VAC,
Output Ripple 1% Maximum
Switching Frequency 65KHz
Temperature Operating: 0 ~ 40° C
Storage: -30 ~ 70° C
Humidity 35 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing
Certifications CE, FCC, IC & UL
Power Input: 100 ~ 240Vac, 1.2A Max, 50 / 60Hz
Output: 50Vdc @ 1.2A, 60W
4 Pair Power Pins 1, 2, 4, 5 (+) & Pins 3, 6, 7, 8 (-)
Dimensions 101 x 60 x 33mm
Weight 192g