Logitech Pro Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse, Black

MX73447 Pro Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse, Black
MX73447 Pro Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse, Black MX73447 Pro Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse, Black MX73447 Pro Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse, Black

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Price is worth it (Used for 5 months)

Submitted on Friday, August 09, 2019
By John
From Burnaby

Strengths of the product

-Wireless, just as good as wired. You don't get the input lag compared to other wireless mice. It being wireless you don't have to worry about cable drag as well. -Long lasting battery, I play quite a bit so I charge about every 4 days (LEDS off). It automatically shuts off if you'r'e not using to save battery, and wake up time is instant. -Not as light as final mouse / model O, but the build quality is pretty really solid. No weird bumps from having your skin resting on those honeycomb patterns -great grip if you have a sweaty hand -Modular side buttons (you chose which buttons to have and customize to your preference) -great for medium size hands with claw grip -Left and right click are nice and light, really fast -You can play even with the wired on though I wouldn't recommend it

Weaknesses of the product

-The finish can be slippery if my hands aren't warmed up/sweating -Left/right click are light and can be accidentally clicked if your fingers are getting tired and rest on them (maybe i just have heavy fingers?) -expensive

Additional Comments

My hand size is 18cm (from middle fingertip to bottom of my palm) and 6cm wide (index, middle and ring finger), and 8cm wide (side of index finger to side of pinky finger) Coming from the Deathadder Elite, the size is WAY smaller and lighter so your grip style might have to change depending on the size of your hands. The light mouse reduces fatigue on prolong use. Really solid mouse given that I didn't like Logitech products from the past due to their flimsy and sub par quality, however this has changed my view on their products. Due to it's lightness, your snapping aim might be a lil off during the adjustment period but I would just lower my sensitivy/dpi a lil bit to compensate.

Best Mouse of the Year

Submitted on Saturday, February 09, 2019
By Jakob
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

A very light mouse at only 80 grams that packs in a great sensor and battery which has lasted me 4 weeks and ongoing. Sensor acts like a PMW 3366 though it lasts ten times longer. Also has a beautiful design and a spectacular side button system in which you can remove the unneeded buttons from the side you don’t use.

Weaknesses of the product

The only downfall I could find (other than the price) is that the mouses charging cable feels like you move all the parts in the mouse when you plug it in. I don’t know if it was a defective thing but it’s not a big deal as I usually only have to plug it in once a month to charge up.

Additional Comments

A very great mouse that has really no downfall to it but I just wish that they would make different coloured variants to this colllection.

One-of-a-kind high performance, light weight wireless mouse

Submitted on Sunday, February 03, 2019
By Sean
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

Extremely responsive. Just the buttons needed for an FPS. Ambidextrous. Supports PowerPlay wireless charging. Charge cable acts as regular mouse cable. Very light weight. Shape works well for my own hands (8" from wrist to middle finger tip). Logitech is always stupendous with their warranties (best in industry, I think).

Weaknesses of the product

PowerPlay wireless charging is $100 USD, hard to find, and only comes in one size (not large enough for FPS). LED effects cut into battery life and are a little gimicky. Not cheap. Ambidextrous shape may be uncomfortable for some people. "1000dpi" not the same speed as my zowie at "1000dpi" so I'm going to have to re-train my muscle memory for a while. Have to turn off and on to see the battery indicator and only shows for 1/2 a second.

Additional Comments

Wireless mice give a feeling of "freedom" that you don't get with corded mice. My FPS mousing area is 24" wide and not having a cord means I can move that whole distance without a wire tripping me up. I've used wireless mice in the past but with the trade-offs of weight and poor tracking performance I never stuck with them. The Logitech G Pro Wireless doesn't have these issues. It tracks perfectly, responsively, and it's light weight. There's very little inertia, making it easy to flick the mouse and make precise, quick movements. Using this wireless mouse is kind of like comparing jogging in jeans and jogging in thermal tights: you can probably reach the finish line but you're going to be more comfortable jogging regularly in tights. Having large hands, I was worried about the mouse being too small but it has this slight indent on each side which makes it more comfortable for a claw grip than a Razr Death Adder or zowie. I don't have to squeeze the mouse as hard to maintain a good grip of it making it more comfortable for long play sessions. I was surprised how comfortable it is for me but that's a personal preference and doesn't reflect how it will feel for you, though.

Great mouse

Submitted on Tuesday, January 15, 2019
By Tylor Bradbury
From NT, Canada

Strengths of the product

Low weight Size High quality feel

Weaknesses of the product

Shorter than previous mice No easy DPI switching Price

Additional Comments

Got this mouse as a alternative to my G900 (still working great). Mainly wanted to try the new shape, new sensor and lower weight mouse. Typical amazing Logitech quality and loving the increased battery life. Slowly getting used to the mouse but no regrets, would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a top notch wireless gaming mouse. Mostly playing CSGO @ 800 dpi.
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