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  • MX7341 ArctiClean Thermal Material Remover and Surface Purifier Kit, 2 x 30ml

Arctic Silver

ArctiClean Thermal Material Remover and Surface Purifier Kit, 2 x 30ml

From 5 Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: With 5 Customer Reviews

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Absolute Must have

5/22/2016 11:11:05 AM
Andy from Edmonton writes:
-Affordable -Thermal Remover does most of the work for you -Thermal Purifier cleans and makes the CPU Shine like a mirror
Absolutely no weakness.
I used this cleaning kit to remove and clean up an original Xbox's CPU, GPU and heatsinks. With the Thermal Remover the bottle says to let it sit 30-60 seconds but I found it worked much better when letting it sit for 2-3 minutes and then using a q-tip to lightly remove the old thermal pad material. After it was dry I used Thermal Purifier two times on the CPU and GPU which worked like a charm. I then applied Arctic Silver 5 to both processors. Runs much cooler then before. A must have.


10/29/2010 10:41:26 PM
Matt Armstrong from Edmonton, AB writes:
This stuff is simply amazing. I used it to clean my CPU plus both GPU's during a system cooling upgrade. Couple drops of bottle 1 and everything wipes clean. Works a million times better than rubbing alcohol! After a couple of wipes and an application of bottle 2 the surface looks brand new! And the lovely citrus sent is wonderful.
None what so ever!
Even if you only use it now and then, it's still well worth it! This needs to be in every geek and tech's toolbox!

Quick and Easy

9/26/2009 10:37:31 PM
Theo from Edmonton writes:
-Took all the old compound off
-Smells like oranges
-No smaller packs - if you have to clean a lot of stuff, this kit is great, but waaay more than you need for just one job
Cleaned off the stock grease from my CPU cooler quickly and easily, even the stuff stuck in the grooves of my heatpipes. Much easier than scrubbing off with alcohol.

Great Stuff

7/18/2009 12:16:27 PM
Gary W from Edmonton, AB writes:
- Cleans extremely well; the residue left by the thermal pads on my 8800GT and thermal paste on the GPU wiped off easily and left very clean surfaces

- Made from organic materials; good for the environment

- Great citrus scent
- Not all that useful if you only need to clean one or two surfaces
Amazing product. Works like a charm :)

Great stuff

3/25/2008 2:56:24 PM
Freduardo from Calgary writes:
-Works really well, easy to use, cheap
When I swapped the cooler on my 8800GT, the RAM chip coolers would not stick to the RAM chips due to the grease left behind from the stock cooler...water or alcohol alone wouldn't clean it, but the ArctiClean stuff works wonders. GPU and RAM chips shiny & new. Highly recommended!!
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