Creative Labs Pebble USB 2.0 Desktop Speakers, White

MX72799 Pebble USB 2.0 Desktop Speakers, White
MX72799 Pebble USB 2.0 Desktop Speakers, White MX72799 Pebble USB 2.0 Desktop Speakers, White

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Tuesday, October 5, 2021
By: Rob
From: Edmonton

Decent sound, small package, no bulky adapter


fairly good sound quality for such a small speaker convenient volume control knob also has power-OFF USB-port powered so no extra wall-wart adapter needed


1.2m long cords may be a bit short for some users but adequate for most setups. Lightweight construction with passive radiator design means they can really vibrate the table they are on, even at moderate volume. I find that a bit annoying so have to put some soft foam under them to isolate the vibration. Frequency response from bass to low-midrange is not very smooth but that's inherent with such small designs.

Additional Comments:

Nice looking, low cost system with convenience of USB port power can output good volume levels if you don't mind the vibration transmitted to whatever they sit on.
Saturday, January 26, 2019
By: Ethan
From: Edmonton West

Pretty Good


Easy to set up Very cheap Look okay Volume adjustment on the speaker


Sound quality is not the best, but not my primary audio output

Additional Comments:

I primarily use headphones, so these were some cheap, nice looking speakers that I could use if someone came over to my place. Would recommend as a cheap option, but if you want great sound quality, I don't think these are for you.
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