Arctic Cooling Summair Light Mobile USB Fan

MX68810 Summair Light Mobile USB Fan
MX68810 Summair Light Mobile USB Fan MX68810 Summair Light Mobile USB Fan MX68810 Summair Light Mobile USB Fan MX68810 Summair Light Mobile USB Fan

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Thursday, July 15, 2021
By: Michael
From: Edmonton

Poor airflow


Compact, quiet, portable, very easy to set up and power on.


Very poor airflow. Even at the highest speed setting, the airflow was almost non-existent from 12-15 inches away. At first, I thought I had it pointed the wrong way but it was in the correct direction.

Additional Comments:

Unless you plan to be within less than a foot of this fan, don't bother. Buy something with a higher RPM or a desk fan at the dollar store for the same price.
Tuesday, July 28, 2020
By: RT
From: Calgary

Great little fan


I don't know why nobody makes mini adjustable fans and seems like Arctic is the only ones that make them and this same fan costs 2 to 3x more on Ebay or amazon. Other adjustable ones have set speeds and bigger and noisier. I use it on a magnet stand with usb extension cause I don't want to break the goose neck and its working great so far.

Additional Comments:

Nice little adjustable fan that's powerful and quiet.
Wednesday, August 7, 2019
By: Roy
From: Edmonton

Not as advertised, Gooseneck is not strong enough to hold the fan upright.


Great airflow, quiet, adjustable speeds, compact. Nice bag


Broke first day of use. The gooseneck is not strong enough to hold the fan in any position but down (hanging). My gooseneck twisted and that caused the entire main assembly to open up. The gooseneck also seems to be able to twist at the USB side as well. Not sure how long before the wires in there get destroyed.

Additional Comments:

Not worth the money. Getting a dollar store fan maybe better. Fan is still working right now even with the assembly semi open and the fan being supported by a separate stand. But not sure how long it will last as this gooseneck issues all happened within 1st hour of use.
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