Logitech Yeti USB Microphone, Blackout Edition

MX67422 Yeti USB Microphone, Blackout Edition
MX67422 Yeti USB Microphone, Blackout Edition MX67422 Yeti USB Microphone, Blackout Edition MX67422 Yeti USB Microphone, Blackout Edition MX67422 Yeti USB Microphone, Blackout Edition

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Thursday, March 28, 2024
By: Alex
From: Emdonton

Decent piece of equipement


Strong audio quality. Significantly outperforms some of the other brands for its price compared to other personal an friend experience. Easy setup and use. Convenient gain control and front mute button. Directional input option dial may be a good or bad feature depending on your use case, otherwise not too complicated. Basic stand has textured grips on the bottom to keep it slightly anchored. Hefty weight makes it hard to knock over but it can happen.


Awkward stand, recommend upgrading to a boom stand for good height adjustment. Stand itself has two radial knobs that twist in opposing directions which can be quirky to adjust but otherwise has good tension to keep it at a reasonable angle. Awkward pill shape leads it to be in the way for front facing, again, a boom would allow you to keep it sideways and it does have the attachment port at the bottom to screw in to. Residue keeps coming back on the included stand at the left and right outward side of the stand. Nothing seems to clean it off, neither goo-gone or isopropyl; maybe I'm just a sweaty gaming. Logitech Hub required to adjust certain aspects such a voice changer, otherwise simple. Requires the blue software to register device for some reason, but if you have other Logitech gear anyway it doesn't matter much. May require some extra time to learn the microphone and play with settings to better dial in the sound you want. Nearly $200? Not even a pop-filter? C'mon guys...

Additional Comments:

Had this thing for a year come April 2024, 0 issues aside from minor learning curve. Once set up, zero software or use problems. Sturdy quality, full metal. Impeccable sound quality through live speech or recorded audio. You're gonna get a ton of compliments about the clarity and everyone will be quite surprised its a Blue Yeti.
Thursday, January 18, 2018
By: David
From: Edmonton

Two different mics and both have problems.


The sound is excellent and the set up is a breeze.


My first microphone had cosmetic damage on the base with paint coming off and scratches fresh out of the box. I returned this one and the second microphone has a loose volume knob and the mute button sticks due to it pressing against the housing.

Additional Comments:

Good sound but the quality control is nonexistent. Returning my second one and sticking with the cheap mic I have now.
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