D-Link DIR-819 AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router

MX64637 DIR-819 AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router
MX64637 DIR-819 AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router MX64637 DIR-819 AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router MX64637 DIR-819 AC750 Dual Band Wireless Router

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Monday, March 22, 2021
By: Greg
From: Calgary

Decent performance, questionable durability.


Full featured, multi-band (useful 5G range and the speed it offers is quite short, but that's typical), and lots of configuration options if you care to dig into the not-entirely-easy-to-understand admin settings.


I picked one up about two years ago, but it has become steadily more erratic in terms of the wireless cutting in and out, beginning at not much more than a year old, to the point now where it needs reset multiple times a day, and even then the WiFi doesn't always work after reboot. It's had all firmware updates, and isn't stacked with other electronics or anything that would overheat it. So that it needs replaced, while a 5 or 6 year old Netgear router soldiers on in it's place is a little frustrating.

Additional Comments:

Worked well when new, but crapped out early. A sample of one is just anecdote, but I'm disappointed with mine.
Thursday, February 16, 2017
By: Bryan Agoncillo
From: Canada

Excellent and Affordable Router


Signal's pretty strong, covers the entire area that I've assigned it too.


None as of yet, I bought it for a client and has not yet complained about it so it must be working alright for them.

Additional Comments:

If you are in the market for an affordable replacement router for your house, this maybe the best candidate for you, don't expect this to cover a huge area of your home. It's good enough to entertain let's say a small office of some sort. I'd pair this with let's say a PowerLine Adapter where you can plug this into so that you have a separate signal entertaining a trouble spot in the house. Something else to consider would be if your internet speed is in the 200mbps, then may bump into issues.
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