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  • MX55617 1620 Lithium Ion Battery
  • MX55617 1620 Lithium Ion Battery

Product Info

Energizer 1620 Lithium Battery Fits Many Devices, Tools and Toys

Designed for a wide range of applications, from Medical Equipment to Calculators to Toys, the Energizer 1620 Lithium Ion Battery is designed for reliable use, now or after up to 8 years of storage.



  • Single Use 3Vdc Lithium Ion 1620 Coin Battery
  • For Heart-Rate Monitors, Blood Glucose Monitors, Keyless Entry Fobs, Electronic Devices, Toys & Games, etc.
  • Holds a charge for up to 8 years
  • Cell Size: 1620, IEC: CR1620
  • Replacement for: 280-208, BR1620, CR1620, DL1620, ECR1620 Batteries


Model CR1620
Part Number ECR1620BP
Battery 1x Energizer CR1620 Lithium Ion Coin Battery
Battery Type Non-Rechargable Lithium Manganese Dioxide Battery
Battery Power Output: 3.0Vdc
Dimensions Diameter x Height: 16.0 x 2.0mm (0.63 x 0.08")
Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • 1x Energizer 1620 Lithium Ion Battery