Logitech F310 Gaming Pad

MX52164 F310 Gaming Pad
MX52164 F310 Gaming Pad MX52164 F310 Gaming Pad MX52164 F310 Gaming Pad MX52164 F310 Gaming Pad

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Friday, April 30, 2021
By: Brandon
From: Calgary

A outstanding value for the price

Additional Comments:

I am a PC gamer but needed to buy this controller for a boss fight that required so much precision a keyboard was just not cutting it. I picked this up and have been using it on a lot of other games instead of the keyboard. I am a bit confused why there are so many negative reviews - this thing works perfectly, is comfortable and is super cheap. No need to get something more expensive than this. Its a perfect, basic controller that works well.
Saturday, January 04, 2020
By: john
From: edmonton

good value


Buttons feel pretty good, cheap

Additional Comments:

Controller feels a tad akward at first but takes no time to get used to. feels good buttons feel good joysticks are a tad too easy to move could have more resistance. but overall really good value
Saturday, February 16, 2019
By: Alex Elsaadi
From: Calgary, AB

Not worth it


Cheap D-pad is ok


Incredibly uncomfortable to hold. Has weird grooves where you want to put your hands that makes it just feel bad. Control sticks feel very unresponsive. Definitely a .25s-.5s delay on most button presses. Trigger buttons are the worst I've probably ever used.

Additional Comments:

Overall I would not recommend this controller unless you are hard pressed for cash and can't afford a better, even then I would say just save your money for one that you can actually use. Maybe for children or people with small hands it might not feel so bad to hold. But then you would still have the issue of extreme latency on all the inputs.
Thursday, January 03, 2019
By: D
From: Morris, Mb

Controller response less than adequate


-Price is low


-Response from button press is less than adequate. Especially on triggers. -Controller is not comfortable to hold based on design. -Not adequate for gaming that requires fast response times.

Additional Comments:

When staff assures customers of the adequacy of controllers, they should test them first on not just shoot for a sale.
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