Thermaltake Massive V20 Notebook Cooler

MX49872 Massive V20 Notebook Cooler
MX49872 Massive V20 Notebook Cooler MX49872 Massive V20 Notebook Cooler MX49872 Massive V20 Notebook Cooler

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Two Years Old and Still Going Strong

Submitted on Tuesday, May 09, 2017
By Dave
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

-RELIABILITY. Holy sh*t am I impressed with this thing. Even after a little over two years of near constant use, my fan is still running smooth and quiet -Massive 200mm fan pushes a lot of air, keeping my laptop nice and cool even during heavy loads like gaming or rendering motion graphics or VFX comps. -DURABILITY. Even though it's a bit bulky for some, it fits in my laptop backpack just fine and has survived a few bike crashes while shooting video out on the trails

Weaknesses of the product

-Only one USB 2 passthrough as opposed to oh, I don't know, maybe a USB 3 hub? -Rubber bumper on fold out leg recently came off, but was easy enough to glue back on. Lasted over two years of abuse though before it failed. Seriously, THAT'S the worst thing that's happened to this fan in over two years, except it got kind of noisy once so I cleaned it out and boom, noise gone. Like, I'm REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel for negative things to say about this fan except the USB 3.0 thing.

Additional Comments

The ONLY reason I'm giving this 4 stars ( I would give it 4 and a half if I could) is because of the USB hub issue, otherwise I would give it a five star rating for sure. Good cooling, beefy ergonomics and relatively light weight make this an excellent choice for notebook users that punish their CPU/GPU's Good workhorse fan for the money if you don't mind a tiny bit of bulk.

Good value, better quality.

Submitted on Monday, February 06, 2017
By Ben
From Airdrie, AB

Strengths of the product

200mm fan pushes a good amount of cool air; nice and quiet even on maximum fan setting; attractive design (not too over-the-top); mesh grate over entire face of the cooler, not just the fan section; adjustable laptop sitting angle; adjustable fan setting and LED light on/off button; pass-through USB connector, rubber soles on the bottom and face of the cooler provide excellent grip; palpable cooling performance.

Weaknesses of the product

LED lights are totally obscured by the laptop so you can't see them even in a dark room; not recommended for anything over 15" unless you want the laptop chassis to be spilling over the sides; multiport USB 3.0 hub > pass-through USB 2.0 cable (I'd totally pay more for an integrated USB 3.0 hub).

Additional Comments

Read a ton of reviews on various laptop coolers before settling on this one. For the price, you get a good looking, compact, yet ample cooler for your laptop. Perfect size for my 14" gaming laptop. Combining the sitting angle, which provides good airflow, with the 'massive' 200mm fan, it does a great job knocking off about 10-15 degC from my CPU temp under various loads. Went from low 80s sitting flat to about 65-70 degC for both CPU/GPU under max load. It's nice and quiet, even on max setting.

Only for desks

Submitted on Thursday, August 06, 2015
By Sean
From Calgary SW

Strengths of the product

Quiet, good airflow, looks nice, seems like high quality plastic.

Weaknesses of the product

Not transportable. Really only made to live on a desk and serve as a docking station.

Additional Comments

Definitely would recommend for those who want to game on their laptop and have a "battlestation" for it, but really not suitable for travel or cooling your laptop while watching movies in bed or anything like that.

Better than expected for the price

Submitted on Wednesday, February 18, 2015
From Richmond

Strengths of the product

Quiet Lowered my max temps ~5degrees Fan speed control

Weaknesses of the product

Pretty thick Wouldnt recommend for anything over 16"

Additional Comments

Very capable cooler for the low price. Build quality was better than I expected.
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