Hipstreet Nexus 7 Premium Screen Protector Film

MX49322 Nexus 7 Premium Screen Protector Film
MX49322 Nexus 7 Premium Screen Protector Film

Product Info

This Screen Protector Makes the World A Little Less Messy

featureModern Tablets have great high resolution, colorful screens; underneath all those smudges, smears and fingerprints which we will now call "Use Marks". These marks are most often caused by skin oils, dirty fingers, moisture and sweat.

Even worse than having to clean up your own Use Marks is lending your Tablet to someone else and getting it back with Use Marks on the screen.

Thankfully, this Nexus 7 Screen Protector is designed to make these Use Marks disappear, forever, or at least no show when they occur.

It is designed with a glare resistant, high contrast hardened top surface that is thin enough to not reduce the Nexus 7's touch sensitivity.

It even has a residue-free adhesive backing, so it won't damage your Nexus 7 if you remove it.


  • Designed and cut to fit the Nexus 7 ver 2 Tablet
  • Glare resistant material to shield the tablet screen from Use Marks
  • Includes one sheet of Screen Protector Film
  • Enhances the contrast of the LCD screen with clear visibility and transparency
  • Anti-scratch hard coating
  • Protects the screen from scratches and abrasions
  • Does not affect touch screen sensitivity
  • Non damaging residue-free adhesive, easy application, easy removal