Logitech Z906 5.1 Channel THX Speaker System

MX35932 Z906 5.1 Channel THX Speaker System
MX35932 Z906 5.1 Channel THX Speaker System MX35932 Z906 5.1 Channel THX Speaker System

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tech lover

Submitted on Thursday, December 05, 2019
By Dan Radke
From Westlock AB

Strengths of the product

This is an upgraded version of the Z5500 which I've owned for 11 yrs Optical Input x2 !!! Dude, if you have never had an fiber optical input then holy potatoes brother, get it just for that alone. Remote control !!! If you have any thought of using this on your TV... you want a remote as your ass fits nicely into the sofa cushion. Good TV's have optical output (all sound outputs regardless of the source) THX certified 5.1 surround.... any movie with surround will decode properly with this system. Any other fake surrounds just alter the equalizer or add delays or some other BS to the different speaker channels to trick you into thinking you're buying something that is actually NOT 5.1 surround Something my Z5500 had (which i'm sure this has also) is different "effect" settings, like Stereo x2 (both front and rear channels are mirrored), and "music mode" (makes music sound more 3D like) and "PL2 Movie" (what you want for 5.1 surround)

Weaknesses of the product

none Well, there is the wife's.... "turn that down !!!" Some guys are commenting on heat output from the older Z5500.... something that I have never noticed.

Additional Comments

Just buy it. Don't waste your money on sub standard crap. Work some overtime if you have to. Well worth getting. I have never regretted getting my Z5500.

Good bass, tinny-sounding speakers

Submitted on Sunday, September 08, 2013
By Curtis
From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Strengths of the product

Great bass. 5.1. Handy remote. Nice console. Good price.

Weaknesses of the product

Tinny sounding speakers.

Additional Comments

I used to have a Klipsch 2.1 setup which was great for 11 years. Compared to them, these speakers sound tinny to the point of being annoying to me. The sound is reasonably clear - the speakers aren't terrible. They just don't have a warm, woody sound but more of a metallic sound somehow. I'm not an audiophile at all but I immediately noticed it. This was the only option I could find in this category available in Canadian shops. I plugged my Klipsch 2 front speakers into it. It works great now.

Z905 ++

Submitted on Saturday, February 04, 2012
By Phay
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

Z906 has its amp in the sub - z5500 has its amp in the control console. Z906 made not only for pc users but for tv and console systems as well. Distortion free at high levels. Hard hitting bass for movies/games/music. Looks sexy. Produces no heat, where as the z5500 has heat spreaders to control the mass amount of heat. no real big issues as you can see on the weaknesses, the only true difference is the smaller sub. other than that this is an amazing speaker system.

Weaknesses of the product

Differences z906 vs 5500 z906 165 watts 8" sub- z5500 187 watts 10" sub The console controller can be edited to have +20 sound booster as well as changing the skin of the lcd screen, plus a lot of people prefer the lcd screen on the 5500 vs the 906 but i honestly do not miss it at all. Does have true HD, DTS HD master audio, but then if you really care for that then you are comparing to something like bose.

Additional Comments

Replaced my z5500 speakers, did a lot of testing, the only thing i could find was the subwoofer was able to pack a bigger punch at max load, but as im in an apartment i would never use that much power anyways. I prefer the z906 vs the 5500 not only because the sub is smaller, produces no heat, looks cooler. but because it just performs so well and the sub fits under my desk. also comparing to the 5500 aside, this is a very good speaker system to buy if you plan to upgrade your system.
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