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  • MX34717 B100 Optical Mouse
  • MX34717 B100 Optical Mouse
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Great quality

9/10/2016 9:25:42 AM
John from Calgary writes:
Long lasting, takes a lot of abuse
none for a plain mouse
I am writing this review because I have to replace my B100 mouse after 3+ years of use on my main computer. This is after thousands of hours of use and some abuse. If you want something at this simple and will last a long time, this is a great mouse.

Very sturdy; good quality

8/18/2016 8:11:59 PM
Josh M from Edmonton writes:
Very sturdy. Comfortable. Accurate. Doesn't need all the bells and whistles of a gaming mouse, it gets the job done and does it well.
Wire has no easy wrapping or storage, but this is very minor.
I have always trusted Logitech for high quality devices, and this product only reinforced that trust. The mouse is simple, clean, sturdy, and works instantaneously out of the box no matter what operating system (I tested on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Linux Debian / Ubuntu). If you need a simple mouse that works great right away, this is the one. Or also try out the Logitech B120 mouse (MX41404) with side scrolling :)
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