ACP 3.5in to 5.25in HDD Mounting Kit

MX3078 3.5in to 5.25in HDD Mounting Kit
MX3078 3.5in to 5.25in HDD Mounting Kit

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Monday, January 10, 2022
By: Kyle
From: Calgary

Not as advertised


Not as aadvertised.

Additional Comments:

TL;DR: This item is for a 2.5" drive not a 3.5". I purchased a pair of these today as I had my 3.5 inch HDD scotch taped to the bottom of the 5.25" bay and I wanted my set up to be more proper. Upon returning home I found no 2 screw holes aligned with my HDD and when I brought it back I was told this is to attach to a 2.5" drive not a 3.5" as advertised. Item returned! Hopefully someone from Memory Express will see this and can update the item.
Monday, October 22, 2018
By: Ronald V. Popowich
From: Calgary

Systems Engineer, P.Eng.

Additional Comments:

These are utterly terrible: 1. Malformed: When assembled onto a 3.5 inch drive, the required width to fit into a 5.25 inch bay is NOT achieved; 2. Material: Thin metal, will likely not hold screws - would not be surprised if a drive and computer was destroyed due to a drive bouncing about within a case; 3. The quality StarTech part is SPECIAL ORDER!!! Strongly, very strongly, suggest this part be dropped and the StarTech part be stocked in store; it is well worth the $1 Canadian more for the StarTech product. Would rate as ZERO/5, but that is not available.
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