Dust-Off LCD / Plasma Screen Cleaner

MX24750 LCD / Plasma Screen Cleaner
MX24750 LCD / Plasma Screen Cleaner


Today's digital screen technology is super sensitive. Most of us are hesitant to clean our new LCD or Plasma Screen because we don't want to damage it. Dust-Off offers a variety of solutions. NEW is the Dust-Off LCD & Plasma Screen Cleaner. Contains 1 soft, suede microfiber cloth; 1 50ml bottle of cleaning spray. Contains no harsh chemicals and is completely safe for all type of digital screen cleaning: LCD and Plasma televisions, laptop screens, media player screens, cell phone screens, and more.


  • Dust off® Screen Shammy™
  • 50ml LCD, Plasma screen spray

Cleaning Tip:

For best results: Turn off screen. Spray directly onto screen or cloth. Wipe clean. Slow drip formula prevents solution from running down the front of the screen and allows for complete and thorough cleaning.

DO NOT use excessive pressure when wiping down your screen.