Next Level Racing (NLR-R001) GTRacer Cockpit, Black

MX00129498 (NLR-R001) GTRacer Cockpit, Black
MX00129498 (NLR-R001) GTRacer Cockpit, Black MX00129498 (NLR-R001) GTRacer Cockpit, Black MX00129498 (NLR-R001) GTRacer Cockpit, Black

Product Info

Next Level Racing GTRacer Cockpit

Introducing the Next Level Racing® GTRacer Simulator Cockpit, an affordable sim racing solution packed with features. Expertly crafted with precision and specifically purpose-built for GT-style racing, this cockpit includes a range of premium components. Subsequently, these components comprise a premium reclining GT-style seat equipped with seat sliders, integrated shifter/handbrake support, a solid pedal tray, and a ButtKicker® mounting pole. Moreover, the GTRacer cockpit puts the sim racer in an accurate GT driving position, adding a layer of immersion and unparalleled comfort for extended hours of racing. Consequently, the GTRacer is designed for a wide range of sim racers, from those new to sim racing to experienced sim racers who want an affordable stationary cockpit.

  • Designed for GT style racing simulation
  • Supports up to 13 nm direct drive wheels
  • Included shifter, handbrake support, and buttkicker® mounting pole
  • Adjustable wheel and shifter plate
  • Included premium reclining gt style seat with seat slider for quick adjustment
  • Compatible with most wheels, pedals, and shifters from leading brands: ThrustMaster, Logitech, Fanatec, and Moza



The GTRacer Racing cockpit is your gateway to the world of full cockpit sim racing, providing an immersive racing experience, no matter which racing game you’re passionate about. Simultaneously, the GTRacer offers a dedicated racing cockpit that allows users to hard-mount racing wheels, pedals, shifters, and handbrakes directly to the cockpit. Furthermore, it is universally compatible with industry leaders like Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec, and Moza. All in all, this ensures that the GTRacer cockpit maintains compatibility with your sim racing electronics. Finally, take the next step in your sim racing journey and discover the world of competitive esports.


Specifically, the GTRacer offers hours of uninterrupted comfort with its adjustable sports-style reclining seat, accommodating sim racers of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, its support for shifter and handbrake functionality ensures adaptability across various racing disciplines, including rallycross, conventional cars, and drifting. Also, the GTRacer offers both comfort and adjustability, all while immersing yourself in the thrill of sim racing. Unleash your inner racer.


Above all, the GTRacer is purpose-built for the world of sim racing, delivering an authentic racing experience that immerses you in the driver’s seat of your favorite race car. Not only does this authentic sim racing cockpit seamlessly integrate with your gaming setup, but it also offers enhanced functionality that elevates your experience. Consequently, you can enjoy a sense of stability and comfort that will take your sim racing to the next level


Equally important, the GTRacer adopts a unique design approach, ensuring unparalleled performance for racers. Additionally, it boasts a strong shifter arm that offers both horizontal and vertical adjustment, along with a universal handbrake plate. Moreover, the wheel plate features an updated hole pattern and adjustable angles for a personalized experience. Furthermore, the pedal plate is equipped with a versatile hole pattern, which guarantees reliability during races. Finally, the innovative frame connection design enhances your sim racing experience, ensuring a stable and enjoyable drive

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Make and Model Next Level Racing GTRacer Cockpit
Part Number NLR-R001
Color Black
Supported Height 120 - 200 cm / 3'9" - 6'7" in
Supported Max Weight 130 kg / 286 lbs
Dimensions (L x W x H) 162.4 x 69.4 x 107.6 cm / 63.9" x 27.3" x 42.4" in
Weight 34 kg / 75 lbs

Package Contents

  • 1 x Next Level Racing® GTRacer Cockpit Frame, Seat, and Seat Sliders
  • 1 x Next Level Racing® Shifter and Handbrake Adaptor Plate
  • 1 x Buttkicker® Adaptor Mount