Corsair iCUE LINK RX140 RGB 140mm PWM Case Fan, Single Pack, Black

MX00129116 iCUE LINK RX140 RGB 140mm PWM Case Fan, Single Pack, Black
MX00129116 iCUE LINK RX140 RGB 140mm PWM Case Fan, Single Pack, Black MX00129116 iCUE LINK RX140 RGB 140mm PWM Case Fan, Single Pack, Black MX00129116 iCUE LINK RX140 RGB 140mm PWM Case Fan, Single Pack, Black MX00129116 iCUE LINK RX140 RGB 140mm PWM Case Fan, Single Pack, Black

Product Info

CORSAIR iCUE LINK RX140 RGB 140mm PWM Single Fan Expansion – Radiator Airflow Perfection

CORSAIR RX140 RGB PWM fans deliver cooling performance by pushing high airflow through obstructions with high static pressure and CORSAIR AirGuide technology.

Add to your iCUE LINK ecosystem with another CORSAIR RX140 RGB 140mm PWM Fan, delivering superior airflow at speeds up to 1,700 RPM while producing our lowest tested noise levels. Thanks to patent-pending iCUE LINK technology, your fans can connect seamlessly together, all connected to an iCUE LINK System Hub (sold separately) with a single cable. Eight RGB LEDs shine with your custom lighting effects, with a built-in side window for more viewing angles. CORSAIR AirGuide Technology focuses airflow where it's needed most while a Magnetic Dome bearing ensures high longevity and low noise, alongside Zero RPM mode for virtual silence at low loads.

  • Advanced performance blade shape
  • Requires iCUE LINK System Hub (included with RX Starter Kits)
  • AirGuide technology for concentrated cooling
  • Magnetic dome bearing for minimal noise


What is iCUE LINK?

Build better. Build smarter - Redefine the way you build a DIY PC with a groundbreaking single-cable technology that automatically detects and configures your PC fans, CPU coolers, and other internal components.

* iCUE LINK QX RGB Expansion Kits require an iCUE LINK System Hub (sold separately) or iCUE LINK Cable (sold separately) to function.

Explore iCUE LINK


Reduce cable clutter with a network of smart, interconnected components.


The iCUE LINK ecosystem uses a single connector for all iCUE LINK devices.


Each component connects directly to the next, creating a chain of devices.

Peak Cooling Power

Push airflow through cases and radiators like never before at low, medium, and high speeds. RX Series fans deliver high airflow and static pressure, while keeping noise as low as possible.

Airflow and Static Pressure

A better fan relies on several key features, each improving how it handles air pressure and airflow as a radiator or case fan. RX fans were engineered to excel at both.


Optimized angle of attack, airfoil shape, and edge curvature ensure maximum airflow efficiency.


The fan housing was designed to support the largest possible blade radius within its size limit.


Stator vanes are angled to focus the exhaust airflow cone and improve the coverage of radiator fins and heat dissipation.

Corsair Magnetic Dome Bearing

This improved bearing minimizes friction and mechanical noise, achieving a balance between high airflow performance and low acoustic footprint. On top of that, the reduced friction means greater longevity for your fan.

Rigorously Tested and Perfected

Months of material and design optimization, along with meticulous testing, led to the RX Series’ unbeatable performance in delivering high static pressure and efficient airflow. These tests ensure that the fan performs exceptionally across a wide range of speeds.

  • PWM Controlled Speeds via iCUE LINK: Set precise fan speeds up to 1,700 RPM while providing up to 95.7 CFM airflow to your system.
  • High Static Pressure: With 3.79mm-H2O of static pressure, the RX Series is great for pushing air through obstructions such as high-density radiators.
  • Vivid RGB Lighting: Eight RGB LEDs display vivid lighting effects, with a window built into the frame to enable viewing of your lighting from the side.
  • LINK Your Fans Together: The included iCUE LINK bridge connectors can connect your fans directly to each other, creating a seamless bank of fans all connected to the iCUE LINK System Hub (sold separately) with just a single cable.
  • CORSAIR AirGuide Technology: Anti-vortex vanes direct airflow at your hottest components for concentrated cooling, pushing air in the direction you need when mounted to a radiator or heatsink.
  • Quiet Operation with Magnetic Dome Bearing: CORSAIR’s Magnetic Dome bearing minimizes noise and reduces friction for greater longevity.
  • Zero RPM Mode: Supports Zero RPM PWM signals to completely eliminate fan noise at low loads.
  • Durable Glass Fiber-Reinforced Frame: Built with a stronger frame capable of withstanding higher temperatures, fitted with anti-vibration dampeners to reduce noise.
  • Detachable Decorative Side Plate Included: Add a personal touch to your system with this accessory that easily installs over the side window.
  • Unite Your Setup: Create automated fan curves and fully customize your RGB lighting effects with powerful CORSAIR iCUE software, creating synchronized light shows with all of your iCUE devices system-wide.
  • Part of the iCUE LINK Ecosystem: iCUE LINK is the next leap forward in PC building, spanning across fans, coolers, PSUs, and more, letting you neatly chain all of these components together for clean cabling, less mess, and a faster build.

Additional Information:

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Make and Model CORSAIR iCUE LINK RX140 RGB 140mm PWM Case Fan Single Fan Expansion
Part Number CO-9051019-WW
Colour Black
Bearing Type Magnetic Dome
Number of Blades 7
Rotational Speed 300 ~ 1,700 RPM
Airflow 18.1 ~ 95.7 CFM
Static Pressure 0.15 ~ 3.79 mm H2O
Sound Level 10 ~ 36 dBA
LED Lighting RGB lighting
Voltage 12 VDC
Current 0.7A
Connector 4-Pin PWM
Connection Cable iCUE LINK
Cable Length 135mm
Dimensions 140 x 140 x 25 mm
Weight 190g (0.42 lb.)

Package Contents

  • Corsair iCUE LINK RX140 RGB 140mm PWM Case Fan, Black
  • Active Connector
  • Passive Connector
  • iCUE LINK Cable
  • Screws
  • Decorative Plates
  • User Information