Pulsar Supergrip Universal DIY Grip Tape, Pre-cut Sheet

MX00126995 Supergrip Universal DIY Grip Tape, Pre-cut Sheet
MX00126995 Supergrip Universal DIY Grip Tape, Pre-cut Sheet

Product Info

Supergrip™ Universal Grip Tape Revolutionary Material Crafted in Japan

Developed and crafted in the heart of Japan, this revolutionary material is designed for the most demanding professional athletes who require nothing but the best. Imagine a grip tape that not only offers unmatched control, but also has the power to absorb sweat from your hand, enhancing your grip performance to new heights. The gauze bandage is transformed into a thin, durable sheet through a proprietary process involving special liquid rubber, creating a product that is both strong and flexible. The supergrip is then laminated with a residue-free 3M adhesive, ensuring a perfect fit on your mouse with no residue left behind. Precision cutting techniques are used to ensure that each piece fits like a glove, giving you the confidence and control you need to achieve greatness.

  • Pre-laminated
  • Sweat absorbing
  • High performance
  • Pre-cut sheet for gaming gears



This material used by top professional athletes. Never loose your grip and conquer your game!

Sweat Absorption

Prevents slipping, even when hands are sweaty. Provides a comfortable grip for extended use.


0.5mm thin.

Pre-Cut Sheet

Can be used on mouse, keyboards or any surface. The pre-cut design saves time and effort ensuring a precise fit and professional look.

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Product Pulsar Supergrip™ Universal DIY Grip Tape
Part Number SGDIY2
Material(s) Pre-laminated pre-cut sheet w/ Residue-free 3M adhesive
Dimensions N/A
Weight N/A

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  • Pulsar Supergrip™ Universal DIY Grip Tape, Pre-cut Sheet
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