Intel Core™ i9-14900K Processor, 3.2GHz w/ 24 (8P + 16E) Cores / 32 Threads

MX00126901 Core™ i9-14900K Processor, 3.2GHz w/ 24 (8P + 16E) Cores / 32 Threads
MX00126901 Core™ i9-14900K Processor, 3.2GHz w/ 24 (8P + 16E) Cores / 32 Threads

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Thursday, March 14, 2024
By: Travis Fletcher
From: Calgary

Beast mode


6.2 GHz on 3 P-cores! 5.8GHz / 4.5GHz all core is just insanity!


You better spend as much money on cooling and airflow as the CPU or you’re in trouble if you want to push it.

Additional Comments:

She’s an insane 380W animal waiting to be tamed. I’m running her at 6.2ghz on 3 of 8 P-cores, dropping to 5.8ghz all cores under 100% load with the help of the new AI Assist in XTU giving me some guidance. ASUS AI also is pretty good. Scoring over 43,000 pts in Cinebench r23 out of the box. Be forwarned that you need some serious cooling if you’re going to push this girl. I run a custom water loop on dual 360mm rads, 2L of water capacity, EKWB custom lapped, Bitspower res, D5 pump, etc. CPU contact frame is a MUST with this girl if pushing her like I am. With some undervolting and V/F curve optimization as well as utilizing TVB you can pull her down to ~320W full load which helps if you don’t have quite the cooling capacity I do. I highly recommend clamping down the BIOS to Intel Limits, and disabling MCE if you don’t have the cooling capacity to keep up. 253W in this Intel stock spec. is do-able with a decent AIO 360mm. Please note that you may have issues with 4 DIMM slot DDR5 (z790) for anything past 7,000Mhz without a lot of tweaking as it’s the most common crashing issue online for all these 13 & 14th gen CPU’s. Love it! Been overclocking and custom water cooling PC’s since the Tandy 1000 days, and this is the first new setup I’ve built myself in the last decade that truely put a smile on my face.
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