Amazfit T-Rex 2 Smart Watch, Ember Black, w/ 35mm AMOLED Display, GPS, 24/7 Health Monitoring, Mil-STD 810G Tested

MX00126094 T-Rex 2 Smart Watch, Ember Black, w/ 35mm AMOLED Display, GPS, 24/7 Health Monitoring, Mil-STD 810G Tested
MX00126094 T-Rex 2 Smart Watch, Ember Black, w/ 35mm AMOLED Display, GPS, 24/7 Health Monitoring, Mil-STD 810G Tested MX00126094 T-Rex 2 Smart Watch, Ember Black, w/ 35mm AMOLED Display, GPS, 24/7 Health Monitoring, Mil-STD 810G Tested MX00126094 T-Rex 2 Smart Watch, Ember Black, w/ 35mm AMOLED Display, GPS, 24/7 Health Monitoring, Mil-STD 810G Tested

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Amazfit T-Rex 2 Smart Watch, Rugged Outdoor GPS Smartwatch, 35mm, Ember Black

Rugged Outdoor GPS Smartwatch

24 Day Battery Life

  • 35mm AMOLED Color Touch Display
  • 150+ Built-in Sports Modes
  • Dual-band & 6 Satellite Positioning
  • -40° C ~ +70° C Temperature Range
  • Route Import & Real-time Navigation
  • 24 Hour Health Management
  • Zepp Operating System
  • Military-Grade: Mil-STD 810G Tested
  • 2 Hour Charging Time

Super Strong & Accurate GPS Tracking

Inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the spirit of ancient explorers who braved the seven seas, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 in Black couples the passion for adventure with a love for the great outdoors.

Experience the thrill of the hunt with the absolute titan of toughness that is the Amazfit T-Rex 2. This watch has passed 15 military-grade tests to prove it can be right there with you in the heat of the moment on your trails through humid rainforests, up mountains, or down in icy temperatures.


Super-tough from the Inside Out

Passed 15 Military-grade Tests, Rugged & Bold Trend-setting Design, Incrediuble 24-Day Battery Life keeps you going

Conquer the Uncharted

Ultra-low Temperature Operation, Dual-band & 6 Satellite Positioning, Route Import & Real-time Navigation, Direct Return Navigation

Train the Beast Within

Smart Recognition of Strength Training Exercises, Create Training Templates, PeakBeats™ Workout Status Algorithm

150+ Built-in Sports Modes

10 ATM Water-resistance, Smart Recognition of 8 Sports, Triathlon Mode, Track Running Mode, etc.

24/7/365 Health Management

Monitoring of Heart Rate, Blood-oxygen, Stress Levels & Sleep, Test 4 Health Metrics in 1 Tap

Powerful Zepp OS v2.0

Rich Mini App Ecosystem, Third-party App Integration, Connect to External Heart Rate Bands

Strength That's Out of This World

To pass the ultimate test of toughness, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 was sent into the extreme and unpredictable environment of space, where it survived air pressure 0.2% that of sea level on Earth, and temperatures as low as -64°C. During its two-and-a-half-hour round trip, the smartwatch reached a peak altitude of about 113,000 feet before returning to Earth at speeds over 180 miles per hour.

Dual-Band & 6 Satellite Positioning

Go beyond adventure with the watch's dual-band positioning and support for 6 satellite positioning systems, which can effectively reduce environmental interference and achieve more precise positioning. Hikers, climbers, and explorers of any fashion can also conquer new heights and discover new paths with the T-Rex 2's built-in compass and barometric altimeter.

Strength Exercise Recognition; Train the Beast Within

The Amazfit T-Rex 2 can automatically recognize the movements and count the reps of dozens of types7 of strength training exercises, many of which have adjustable variations in the Zepp App, as well as track your rest time between sets to keep your training efficient.

PeakBeats™: Understand What You're Capable Of

Track your performance more professionally with the PeakBeats™ self-developed workout status algorithm, that assesses specialized data like maximum oxygen uptake (VO2Max), full recovery time, training load and training effect.


Go Wild with 150+ Built-in Sports Modes

The Amazfit T-Rex 2's huge selection of over 150 sports modes includes the toughness-testing Triathlon mode, the professional lap-data recording Track Run mode9 with smart trajectory correction, and the more leisurely Golf Swing mode. You can even connect the smartwatch to an external heart rate band to enjoy multidimensional workout data tracking.

ExerSense™: Smart Recognition of 8 Sports

Roar into action quickly and easily. As soon as you begin one of these eight sports, the watch will sense your movement and automatically suggest that you open the corresponding sport mode.

Brave the Storm with 10 ATM Water-Resistance

For those with a sense of adventure that never gets drowned out, the watch has a water-resistance11 grade of 10 ATM, meaning it can withstand the equivalent of 100 meters' water pressure. Brave the rain, rule the pool, and conquer the ocean with the Amazfit T-Rex 2.

BioTracker™ 3.0

Dont Just Survive, Thrive with 24 Hour Health Management
The self-developed 6PD BioTracker™ 3.0 PPG optical sensor provides fast and accurate 24-hour monitoring of heart rate, Blood-Oxygen Saturation (SpO,) and stress levels. It can also detect your breathing rate, and is able to quickly and conveniently measure these four important health® metrics in one simple tap. 24 Hour Monitoring of Heart Rate, Blood-Oxygen Saturation & Stress Levels.


Powerful Zepp OS 2.0 w/ Third Party App Support

The intuitive Zepp OS makes it easy to find what you're looking for on your Amazfit T-Rex 2. With Seamless interactions, and a specifically tailored smartwatch UI, Zepp OS enhances the user-experience of this light and low power-consuming OS.

The rich app ecosystem includes over 10 mini apps, and you can even connect the watch to your GoPro camera to record your outdoor adventures on-the-go. And with support for Home Connect, the watch can help enhance your daily life wnen you head back home.


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Make and Model Amazfit T-Rex 2 Smartwatch, 35mm, Ember Black
Part Number W2170OV2N
Colour Ember Black
Display 35mm AMOLED Color Touch Display w/ Tempered Glass, Anti-Fingerprint Coating
Resolution: 454 x 454 pixels
Pixel Density: 326 pixels per inch
Microphone Yes
Motor Yes
Speaker Yes
Wireless Bluetooth v5.0 w/ BLE
GPS Dual-Band GPS w/ 6 Satellite Positioning
Sensors Health Sensors:
BioTracker™ 3.0 PPG
Biometric Sensor (for blood-oxygen, 6PD)

Acceleration Sensor
Ambient light Sensor
Barometric Altimeter
Geomagnetic Sensor
Gyroscope Sensor

Dual-Band & 6 Satellite Positioning

Bluetooth 5.0 BLE

Buttons 4 Buttons
Water Resistance Rated at 10 Atmospheres / 100m Underwater
Sports Modes 150+ Sports Modes that support your lifestyle and workouts

Sport Mode Categories:
Ball Sports, Board & Card Games, Combat Sports, Cycling, Dance, Indoor Sports, Leisure Sports, Outdoor Workouts, Running, Strength Training, Swimming, Water Sports, Winter Sports, etc.

Power Internal Rechargeable Battery, 500mAh
Battery Charging Via Magnetic Charging w/ 2-pin Pogo
Full Charge Time: 2 Hours
Battery Life Battery Saver Mode: Up to 45 days
Typical Usage: Up to 24 days
Heavy Usage: Up to 10 days

Power Saving GPS Mode: Up to 58 hours
Balanced GPS Mode: Up to 50 hours
Accuracy GPS Mode: Up to 26 hours

Ultra-low Temperature (GPS On): Up to 10 hours
Ultra-low Temperature (GPS off): Up to 9 days
Dimensions 47 x 47 x 3.7mm
Weight With Strap: 67g