Lian Li UNI FAN P28 120mm Case Fan, Black

MX00125760 UNI FAN P28 120mm Case Fan, Black
MX00125760 UNI FAN P28 120mm Case Fan, Black MX00125760 UNI FAN P28 120mm Case Fan, Black MX00125760 UNI FAN P28 120mm Case Fan, Black

Product Info

Lian Li UNI FAN P28 – Performance Evolved

The 1st performance-oriented UNI FAN with uncompromising airflow and static pressure at an optimized noise level that is ideal for air cooling and water cooling configurations.

  • Noise-optimized and performance-oriented fan
  • FDB Bearing with copper shielding to ensure stable rotation of the impeller
  • Liquid crystal polymer fan blades to ensure tight tolerance
  • Toggle between Silent, Normal, and Performance mode via included fan speed controller
  • UNI FAN style daisy-chainable design for ease of cable management
  • Extension cable included for daisy-chaining between each cluster


Available in Two Colors

The UNI FAN P28 keeps stylish and efficient cooling in mind, both black and white versions have brushed aluminum strips at the side that reflect the LEDs in your PC, creating a stunning visual effect.

Effortless Installation

UNI FAN P28 features an interlocking system to connect up to 6 fans in two clusters to a single fan speed controller, making fan installation and cable management jobs too easy.

Increased Thickness for More Performance

The UNI FAN P28 is a high-performance fan designed for optimal cooling. It has a 28mm thick frame that can help deliver more airflow and static pressure. The fan also features indented screw holes that are compatible with 25mm fan screws for easy installation.

Sturdy Fan Blade - LCP Material

The UNI FAN P28 fan blade is made of liquid-crystal polymer (LCP), a strong material that reduces vibration and allows the fan to run at high speed without compromising stability.

LCP also allows for a tight design structure between the fan blades and fan frame, which increases the surface of the impeller to boost performance and minimize the acoustic level while operating.

Ever Running Motor - To achieve high performance with a low noise level, the UNI FAN P28 has implemented the metal bearing shell and the copper shielding to reduce the friction and vibration between the impeller and the frame.

Customizable Fan Speed

The UNI FAN P28 triple pack comes with an innovative magnetic fan speed controller that can be easily attached to any metal surface inside the PC case for convenience.

6 Year Warranty

Built with high quality materials and with a durable structure, the UNI FAN P28 is proudly backed by a 6 year warranty.

Additional Information:

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Make and Model Lian Li UNI Fan P28 120mm Case Fan
Part Number UF-P28120-1B
Color Black
Bearing Type Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
Fan Speed 200 ~ 2600RPM
Max. Air Pressure 4.79mmH2O
Max. Air Flow 92CFM
Acoustical Noise (Min-Max.) 32.1dBA
Connector Type 1x 4-pin PWM
Rated Voltage DC 12V
Materials LCP / PBT / PC / Aluminum
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 28 mm
Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • Lian Li UNI Fan P28 120mm Case Fan, 1-Pack (Black)
  • Accessories
  • Users Manual