Tascam DR-05X Portable Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder w/ USB Audio Interface, 320kHz / 24 bit Recording, Stereo Microphones

MX00124538 DR-05X Portable Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder w/ USB Audio Interface, 320kHz / 24 bit Recording, Stereo Microphones
MX00124538 DR-05X Portable Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder w/ USB Audio Interface, 320kHz / 24 bit Recording, Stereo Microphones MX00124538 DR-05X Portable Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder w/ USB Audio Interface, 320kHz / 24 bit Recording, Stereo Microphones

Product Info


TASCAM DR-05X: The New Standard in Stereo Handheld Audio Recorders

  • Record anything, anywhere
  • Portable recorder for live events, dictation, voice recording, musicians, podcasting, field recordings, etc.
  • Dual omnidirectional condenser microphones offer Stereo recording
  • A Digitial Chromatic Tuner is included to keep musical instruments in tune
  • Pro-quality Audio at an unbelievable price
  • 2-in / 2-out USB audio interface for Mac and PC
  • Dictation and Auto Recording modes simplify certain recording tasks
  • One-touch user interface with Quick Menu button for most functions
  • Up to 17.5 hours of operation from 2 AA batteries
  • Supports large microSDXC Cards up to 128GB for more than 190 hours of CD Quality Stereo Recording time

Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder w/ USB Audio Interface

The TASCAM DR-05X set the standard for stereo handheld recorders with its powerful features, simple interface and excellent sound quality. It is the first choice for recording meetings, music, audio-for-video, dictation, and more.

Record Clean, Clear Audio Anywhere

The TASCAM DR-05X allows high-quality recording utilizing an easy-to-use interface and is portable, powerful, and a true value.

Dual internal condenser microphones can handle anything from subtle to loud to 125dB SPL, with sensitivity to capture every detail.

Simple to Operate

The layout of the DR-05X has been revamped to be quick and easy to work with one thumb. Operations like recording, adjusting levels, deleting bad takes and adding markers are just a button press away.

Ultra-Long Battery Capability

The DR-05X uses only 2x AA Batteries and has ultra-long battery capability. When using built-in microphones, recording lasts 17.5 hours when recording with the standard 2 Channel WAV, 44.1kHz / 16bit format using alkaline batteries.

Also the DR-05X can be powered by an optional USB Battery Bank as well for super long non-stop extended use.


(Shown with Third Party Wind Screen, not included.)


Turning Your Room Into A Studio - In A Minute

Connect to a PC using USB Audio interface mode, and DR-X becomes a tool for voiceover work, live streaming, podcasting and songwriting with studio-quality audio. Built-in microphones work as USB microphones without complicated driver installs.

Upgrade your Video

Auto tone function provides easy-adjustments for on-site movie editing, ideal for DSLR filmmaking. The internal slate tone generator produces various tones for easy track making and recognition. Please use the dedicated accessory kit (AK-DR11C) for connecting.

Back Up Your Transcription Work: Record and Play with One Unit

Writing down what you hear - easier said than done, but it is actually easy with DR-X. In addition to its capability to capture crisp voice recording, DR-X can help you with its Jump back function, variable Speed function and equalizer preset for human voice.

Never Miss the Timing

Auto recording function can detect the sound input signal level and automatically start recording. Also, Pre-recording function with up to 2 seconds pre-record provides fail-safe protection even when you are a bit late to hit the record button.


Still Safe If It Is Louder Than You Thought

Peak Reduction works in rehearsal mode or in record. Even if the sound or performance is louder than the sound check you’re safe. Combined with Auto level and Limiter for preventing distortion, you never have to worry.

No Need To Go Through "Take 2!" All Over Again

If you don’t like the last part of a phrase you just recorded with your guitar, or if you change your mind and want to rephrase narration, the "Overwrite mode" is exactly what you need. Overwrite mode allows punch-in recording from a desired point. It is destructive editing with one level of undo.

Nondestructive Overdubbing

The overdubbing function allows for Overdub Recording while playing a previously recorded file. This allows you to record other parts such as a guitar solo over a recording previously made such as at a rehearsal studio. Overdubbing creates a new file, leaving the original file unaffected, making it easy to re-record.

192 Hours Of CD Quality Stereo Recording On A Single 128GB microSDXC Card

This is how long you can record CD-quality sound with one single microSDXC card. DR-05X supports a microSDXC card, which can record longer with larger data capacity. If you record a stereo file at 44.1kHz/ 16bit CD quality, a 128GB card holds 192 hours maximum. In MP3/ 320kbps mode, it can record up to 896 hours.



Make and Model TASCAM DR05X Stereo Handheld Digital Audio Recorder and USB Audio Interface
Part Number DR-05X
Colour Black
Microphone Dual Omnidirectional Microphones
Recording File Formats  
.WAV / .BWF Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz / 48kHz / 96kHz
Bit-Depth: 16-bit / 24-bit
.MP3 Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz / 48kHz
Recording Bit-rate: 32kHz / 64kHz / 96kHz / 128kHz / 192kHz / 256kHz / 320kHz
Playback Bit-rate: 32kHz ~ 320kHz w/ VBR, ID3TAG Ver. 2.4
Audio Playback  
Speed Control Playback: 0.5 ~ 2.0x (in 0.1x increments) @ 44.1kHz / 48kHz only
Audio Inputs  
MIC/EXT IN: 1x 3.5mm Stereo Mini jack (Unbalanced, Plug-in Power)

Nominal Input Level: -20dBV
Maximum Input Level: -4dBV

Input Impedance:
PLUG IN PWR: OFF - 18kΩ or more
PLUG IN PWR: ON - 2kΩ or more
PHONES/LINE OUT: 1x 3.5mm Stereo Mini jack (Unbalanced)

LINE Out Connection:
Nominal Output Level: -14dBV @ 10kΩ load
Maximum Output Level: +2dBV @ 10kΩ load
Output Impedance: 12Ω

Headphone Connection:
Maximum Output Power: 20mW + 20mW @ 32Ω load
Audio Performance  
Frequency Response EXT IN to LINE OUT, JEITA:
Fs 44.1kHz: 20 ~ 20kHz, +0/-1dB
Fs 48kHz: 20 ~ 22kHz, +0/-1dB
Fs 96kHz: 20 ~ 40kHz, +0/-1.5dB
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01% or less THD @ Fs 44.1k / 48k / 96kHz via EXT I Not LINE OUT, JEITA
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 94 dB or higher @ Fs 44.1k / 48k / 96kHz, EXT I Not LINE OUT, JEITA
Reverb Effects 6 Presets:
Hall 1
Hall 2
Plate 1
Plate 2
USB Port 1x USB 2.0 Micro B port
Playback Speaker 1x Mono Speaker w/ 300mW Amplifier
Chromatic Tuner  
Digital Chromatic Tuner Tuning Range: C1 to B6

Chromatic Range Adjustment:
Standard A 440Hz, or 435Hz ~ 445Hz (in 1Hz increments)

Attachment Point Standard 1/4" Tripod Attachment Screw-Hole
Power Options 2x AA Batteries
USB Bus Power
Optional USB Power Adapter Optional Battery Bank
Battery Life 2x AA Alkaline Batteries: ~17.5 hours*
2x AA Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries: ~15.5 hours*
* Tested with 2 Channel WAV, 44.1kHz @ 16-bit, using the Built-in Stereo Microphone, JEITA
Power Consumption Up to 1.7W
Dimensions & Weight  
Dimensions (LxWxH) 26 x 61 x 141mm
Weight 116g