Ubiquiti UISP 60GHz Outdoor Wave Long-Range Station w/ 5 GHz Backup, GPS, IP6X

MX00124330 UISP 60GHz Outdoor Wave Long-Range Station w/ 5 GHz Backup, GPS, IP6X
MX00124330 UISP 60GHz Outdoor Wave Long-Range Station w/ 5 GHz Backup, GPS, IP6X

Product Info

UBIQUITI Long Range Antenna System:

The 60GHz PtMP Station Powered by Wave Technology
The WAVE Long Range is designed to connect to a matching Wave AP so together, they deliver up to 1 Gbps Duplex (2 Gbps Total) throughput via 60GHz Wireless Transmissions up to 8km away, even in rainy or snowy climes!

This WAVE Long Range is also equipped with a high-performance 5GHz Backup Radio to ensure uninterrupted connections and a Bluetooth Radio to simplify setup via the UISP® Mobile app, and the integrated GPS Antenna aids in setup and many maintenance issues.

Part of the Whole Solution
Designed to be used with a matching Ubiquiti PtMP Base Station (available seperately), and often with PtP Bridges as required, the WAVE Long Range offers incredibly reliable connectivity to branch offices, remote sites, secure facilities, etc. and to other uniquely hard to connect locations off the data grid that require reliable, weather hardened data solutions with 24/7/365 access.



  • 60GHz Band for uncongested data transmission
  • Up to 8km (5 mile) link range
  • Router Mode support
  • 5GHz Backup Radio for uninterrupted traffic
  • Integrated GPS Antenna
  • Link planning support via ISP Design Center

Works with The Ubiquiti Internet Service Provider (UISP®) App

The most comprehensive management software for independent ISPs.

  • Network Management
  • Business Operations
  • Device Configuration

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Additional Information:

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Make and Model Ubiquiti Long Range Antenna Client
Part Number Wave-LR-US
Throughput Up to 2 Gbps total throughput via the 1 Gbps wireless duplex connection
Processor Dual Core 1.0GHz ARM® Cortex® A53 Processor
Frequency Bands Main Radio:
60GHz Band: From 57 to 71 GHz depending on local regulations
Radio Channels: 58.320, 59.400, 60.480, 61.560, 62.640, 63.720, 64.800, 65.880, 66.960, 68.040, 69.120 & 70.200 GHz

Backup Radio:
802.11ax (WiFi 6) via 5GHz Band
U-NII-1: 5.150 - 5.250 GHz
U-NII-2A: 5.50 - 5.350 GHz
U-NII-2C: 5.70 - 5.725 GHz
U-NII-3: 5.725 - 5.850 GHz

Range Up to 8km
Antenna Gain 60GHz Band: +46 dBi
5GHZ Band: +22 dBi
Azimuth and Elevation Beamwidth 60GHz Band:
3 dB: 0.8°
6 dB: 1.1°

5GHz Band:
3 dB: 8 ~ 10°

Physical Interface 1x Gigabit PoE LAN Port
Software OS: airOS®
Operating Mode: PtMP station
Ubiquiti Specific Features: Wave AI, Discovery Protocol
Services: UISP, Ping Watchdog, NTP Client, SNMP
Tools: Antenna Alignment, Discovery Utility, Ping, Trace Route, Speed Test
Access Modes: Network Bridge / Router
Management Application: UISP, v1.4.5+
Software Requirements Any Modern Web Browser on Desktop or Laptop
iOS™ or Android™ based SmartPhone
Materials Enclosire: Aluminum Alloy, UV Stabilized Plastic
Mount: Aluminum Alloy, UV Stabilized Plastic
Mounting Pole Mount Diameter: 25 ~ 76.2mm (pipe outer diameter)
Encryption WPA2-PSK (AES)
LED Indicators Ethernet: Flashing Blue = Ethernet traffic
GPS: Blue = Receiving 4+ GPS Satellites
Links: White = 5GHz link, Blue = 60GHz link
Power LEDs Power Flashing: White = Booting Up
White = Not Connected To UISP
Blue = Connected To UISP
Flashing Blue = Locating In Progress
Blue / White: Firmware Upgrading
Certifications CE, FCC, IC
Environmentals Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 60° C
Operating Humidity: 5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing

Wind Loading: 286N @ 200kmh (64.3lbf @ 125mph)

IP Rating: IPx6
Power RJ45 Gigabit PoE Injector Power Adapter, included
Output: 48Vdc @ 0.65A, 31.2W

Can be alternately powered by a UISP Router or UISP Switch

Power Consumption 18W
Dimensions 424.4 x 424.4 x 166.2mm
Weight With Mount: 3.8kg
Without Mount: 2.6kg