Westinghouse CR2025-BP1 Lithium Coin Battery, 1 Pack

MX00123247 CR2025-BP1 Lithium Coin Battery, 1 Pack
MX00123247 CR2025-BP1 Lithium Coin Battery, 1 Pack

Product Info

Westinghouse CR2025-BP1 Lithium Button Cell Battery, 1 Pack

Westinghouse Button Cell batteries are free of Lead, Mercury and Cadmium; providing safe and reliable energy for your everyday must-have devices. These Lithium Ion Button Cell Batteries come in handy for anything from Wristwatches, Calculators, Key Fobs, to Apple TV Remote Controls, etc.


  • IDEAL FOR SMALL DEVICES: Provides long-lasting power for car key FOBS, watches, calculators, meters, remotes and other small devices
  • 5 YEAR SHELF LIFE: Westinghouse Lithium Button Cell batteries are guaranteed 5 years in storage
  • CHILD RESISTANT PACKAGING: To help ensure the safety of your children, Westinghouse button cell batteries come in a child resistant packaging
  • ANTI-CORROSION & LEAK-PROOF: Multi-layered construction protects your devices from corrosion and leaks
  • LEAD, MERCURY & CADMIUM FREE LITHIUM: All Westinghouse button cells are made with zero mercury and cadmium to protect the environment
  • OVER 130 YEARS OF ELECTRIC INNOVATION: Westinghouse electric innovation is packed into every lithium photo battery

Product Warnings

1) Keep Out Of Reach Of Children:
Swallowing may lead to serious injury or death in as little as 2 hours due to chemical burns and potential perforation of the esophagus.

Immediately see your doctor, then have your doctor phone the National Capital Poison Center: (202) 625-3333.

Keep in original package until ready to use. Safely dispose of used batteries immediately.

2) Risk of Injury Due to Fire, Explosion or Leakage
Do not disassemble, charge, crush or expose to fire or high temperatures.

Important Usage Concerns:

Coin Lithium batteries are not interchangeable. Both the diameter and thickness can vary based on the cell designation. While some device battery compartments may be sized in a way that different battery types can fit in the compartment, the capacities will vary by size.


This CR2025 Battery is designed to replace these other Battery Models:

  • 5003LC
  • DL2025
  • E-CR2025


Make and Model Westinghouse CR2025 Lithium Button Cell Battery, 1 Pack
Part Number CR2025-BP1
Battery Type Lithium Coin Battery
Battery Type CR2025
Power Output: 3.0Vdc
Dimensions (LxWxH) 20 x 20 x 2.5mm
Weight N/A