Ubiquiti airMAX PowerBeam AC Bridge, 5GHz, 620mm

MX00119311 airMAX PowerBeam AC Bridge, 5GHz, 620mm
MX00119311 airMAX PowerBeam AC Bridge, 5GHz, 620mm MX00119311 airMAX PowerBeam AC Bridge, 5GHz, 620mm

Product Info

airMAX® PowerBeam AC 5 GHz, 620mm Bridge

5 GHz Wi-Fi antenna with a 450+ Mbps Real TCP/IP throughput rate and a 620 mm transmission range

High-Performance airMAX® ac Bridge Incorporating a dish reflector design with proprietary airMAX® ac technology, the PowerBeam™ ac is ideal for CPE deployments requiring maximum performance.

  • Highly efficient antenna beam performance
  • Custom Ubiquiti® airMAX® ac processor
  • Up to 450+ Mbps real TCP/IP throughput
  • Innovative snap and lock assembly
  • Proprietary InnerFeed™ Technology


Improved Noise Immunity

The PowerBeam ac directs RF energy in a tighter beamwidth. With the focus in one direction, the PowerBeam ac blocks or spatially filters out noise, so noise immunity is improved. This feature is especially important in an area crowded with other RF signals of the same or similar frequency.

Integrated Design

Ubiquiti's InnerFeed® technology integrates the radio into the feedhorn of an antenna, so there is no need for a cable. This improves performance because it eliminates cable losses.

Featuring high performance and innovative mechanical design, the PowerBeam ac is versatile and cost-effective to deploy.

airMAX® ac Technology

Unlike standard Wi-Fi protocol, Ubiquiti's Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) airMAX protocol allows each client to send and receive data using pre-designated time slots scheduled by an intelligent AP controller.

Superior Performance

The next-generation airMAX ac technology boosts the advantages of our proprietary TDMA protocol. Ubiquiti's airMAX engine with custom IC dramatically improves TDMA latency and network scalability. The custom silicon provides hardware acceleration capabilities to the airMAX scheduler, to support the high data rates and dense modulation used in airMAX ac technology.

Throughput Breakthrough

airMAX ac supports high data rates, which require dense modulation: 256QAM – a significant increase from 64QAM, which is used in airMAX.

With their use of proprietary airMAX ac technology, airMAX ac products supports up to 450+ Mbps real TCP/IP throughput – up to triple the throughput of standard airMAX products.

Additional Information:

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Product airMAX PowerBeam AC 5 GHz Wi-Fi Antenna, 620mm Bridge
Part Number PBE-5AC-620
Enclosure Outdoor UV stabilized plastic
Processor Atheros MIPS 74Kc, 720 MHz
Memory 128MB DDR2
16MB Flash
Networking Interface 1 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet port
Operating Frequency 5GHz
Gain 29 dBi
Wind Survivability 200 km/h (125 mph)
Wind Loading

Radome excluded:
1510 N @ 200 km/h
(340 lbf @ 125 mph)

Radome included:
1830 N @ 200 km/h
(411 lbf @ 125 mph)

Power Consumption 8.5W max.
Power Supply 24V, 0.5A Gigabit PoE Adapter (Included)
Power Method Passive PoE (Pairs 4,5+;7,8 Return)
Supported Voltage 20~26 VDC
Mounting Pole mounting (kit Included)
Operating Temperature -40 to 70 °C (-40 to 158 °F)
Operating Humidity 5 to 95% Non-condensing
Certifications CE, FCC, IC
Dimensions 620 x 620 x 386 mm (24.41" x 24.41" x 15.2")
Weight 6.4kg (14.11 lbs.)

Package Contents

  • Ubiquiti airMAX PowerBeam AC 5GHz Wi-Fi Wireless Antenna Bridge, 620mm
  • Antenna Feed
  • Rear Housing
  • Support Arm
  • Upper Pole Bracket Assembly
  • Lower Pole Bracket
  • Brace
  • Hex Head Bolts
  • Screws
  • Lock Washers
  • Flat Washers
  • Stabilizer Brackets
  • M10x100 Bolts
  • M10 Flange Nuts
  • M8x150 Carriage Bolts
  • M8 Flange Nuts
  • Pole Clamps
  • Gigabit PoE w/ Mounting Bracket
  • Power Cord
  • Quick Start Guide