Logitech K845 Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard w/ Red Switches

MX00114440 K845 Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard w/ Red Switches
MX00114440 K845 Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard w/ Red Switches MX00114440 K845 Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard w/ Red Switches MX00114440 K845 Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard w/ Red Switches MX00114440 K845 Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard w/ Red Switches

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Saturday, May 15, 2021
By: Emmanuel
From: Ottawa

Perfect for the work setup


Design: Sleek and simple; Alluminum on the top, plastic on the bottom Feel: comfortable and keys are soft to the touch. You can feel the mate texture of the paint on the keycaps as oposed to glossy ones like the hyper x pudding keycaps. I do enjoy that mate feeling (not that I mind the glossy feeling either) Flex: there is some very mild flex I think my Steelseeries Apex 5 has less flex, but still looks and feels very sturdy; you won't feel that flex when typing or anything. Lighting: effects are programable, but no colours (honestly this keyboard really is designed around a work setup and I don't care for RGB, but I do like to have lighting to see the keys better. Cost:Value ratio: the cost value ratio is fantastic all those gamer gimmicks are removed to provide a fantastic mechanical keyboard with top quality material at the lowest price on the market.


The only two weakness IMHO is that it doesn't come with a wrist rest, I especially like the Steelseries wrist rest; And the feet don't lift the keyboard as high up as I woul like, but its still good enough If you do like the gimmicks and you prefer to pay more money to have them here are the things this keyboard does not have - audio control (x) - phone tray (x) - OLED screen display for hw monitoring (like the old logitecs or the steelseries apex 5 and up (x) - RGB everywhere (x) - braided cable (x) actually cable does kind of look ugly considering the rest of the keyboard looks very nice and professional.

Additional Comments:

Great for my stay at home work space. not sure I would use it for gaming, I doubt I'll try it. I do preffer the way my steelseries clicks and clacks, This keyboard has a much softer clack. but that will be perfect for the office settup. Though I use my apex 5 as a point of comparisson, it is not without it's own draw backs, like it being hybrid membrain mechanical. For the price, this is perfect for a work setup, if you are still working in your office space, it won't click and clack too loud to bother everyone when you are typing at 100Km/h. but it also doesn't feel mushy like those $20 keyboards your employer supplied you with where you can't feel the point of actuation (that really threw me off comming from my apex 5)
Monday, December 28, 2020
By: Rob
From: St. Albert

This keyboard is nice


I have owned MS and Logitech peripherals almost exclusively, my previous G105 started to flake out on me so I replaced it. Saw this one, price was OK, for sure better than the 200 units out there. I like the brushed metal and LED sequences are pretty lit (sorry I had to). Not sure what is "too clicky" but this one has nice response when typing. Owned wireless ones in the past and stuck with the wired ones for better connectivity, I am a light gamer, and like my number pad for typing in quick numbers on spreadsheets. Highly recommended, it's a little bling with great functionality.


Be careful since it will zap you if you walk on carpet and then touch the body of the keyboard. I usually touch the chrome edge of my desk first, not really annoying but for sure did not consider it when I bought it. Still this is so minor that it wouldn't change my mind and force me to return it. This is a keeper.

Additional Comments:

Nice upgrade, good response when typing and I like the LED keys.
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