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Type: New
Warranty: 60 Days Warranty
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  • SKU: MX668
  • ILC: 772811316013
  • Part #: 316013
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Product Info

ACP 29 inch USB to Parallel Printer Cable

This USB A to Parallel Centronic 36 Pin cable provides truly Bi-directional ,USB Plug-and-Play capability. Simply plug the USB connector a USB A port, the other end of Centronic 36 pin connector to a device of a printer with IEEE 1284 Centronic 36 interface. These devices can be early version of technology such as scanners or external storage devices.


  • USB specification revision 1.1 compliant, as well as USB 2.0, USB 3,0/ 3.1 that is USB A type of interface.
  • Truly Bi-directional communication between PC and printer
  • USB full speed (12Mbps or higher) with bus powered, with respects of a parallel port data speed 150 kB/s as max.


Make and Model ACP 29 inch USB to Parallel Printer Cable
Part Number 316013
Color Black
Length 29 inch
Connector USB A Male, Centronics 36 Male
System Requirement Availability of a USB A port
Compatibility Windows XP or higher
Mac os V8.5 or higher
Dimensions 29 inch / 74 cm
Weight N/A
30 Day Limited Warranty

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