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  • MX29633: BCA010 External Charger for Canon

Dr. Battery

BCA010 External Charger for Canon

  • SKU: MX29633
  • ILC: BCA010
  • Part #: BCA010
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Product Info

Replacement Digital Camera External Charger for Digital Camera Battery External Charger


  • Replace your camera charger


Part Number BCA010
Warranty 1 Year
Input Type AC 90-250V 50/60Hz 100mA (MAX)

Package Content

  • Battery Charger Base 
  • Exchangeable Plate (AA/AAA adapter plate included)
  • External AC Adapter for Home / Office 
  • Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Car (12V Car Cord) 

Compatible Models

Digital 50/40 Digital IXUS 30 Digital IXUS 40
Digital IXUS 50 Digital IXUS 55 Digital IXUS 60
Digital IXUS 65 Digital IXUS i Zoom Digital IXUS i7 zoom
Digital IXUS Wireless IXUS 55 IXUS 60
IXUS 65 IXUS I Zoom IXY Digital 40
IXY Digital 50 IXY Digital 55 IXY Digital 60
IXY Digital 70 IXY Digital 80 IXY Digital L3 Series
IXY Digital L4 Series IXY Digital Wireless PowerShot DH928
PowerShot SD1000 PowerShot SD200 PowerShot SD30
PowerShot SD300 PowerShot SD40 PowerShot SD400
PowerShot SD430 PowerShot SD430 Wireless PowerShot SD450
PowerShot SD600 PowerShot SD630 PowerShot SD750
PowerShot SD780 IS PowerShot SD960 IS PowerShot TX1