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Elite External Video Card Install Kit w/ PCI-E x16 Board, PCI-E x1 to USB Adapter, USB 3.0 Cable and Video Power Cable

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Product Info

Add an Extra External Video Card To Your PC for Fun or Profit


This external PCI-E Video Card Installation Kit is great when you need the additional computational power of an extra Video Card and your Motherboard has no more available PCI-E x16 slots. Using an external Video Card avoids this Motherboard bottleneck and helps to keep your Computer Case running cooler as you run this setup. This popular External PCIe x16 Slot is also ideal for Miners who need to add another Video Card.
Note: Production changes to the Motherboard color and silkscreened text occur regularly.


This 2nd Gen PCIe Slot uses upgraded Solid Capacitors and a stronger Voltage Regulator Tube Circuit for increased stability and better power regulation than before.

This Kit adds an extra PCI-E Video Card to your system when you run out of PCI-E x16 slots. Along with this Installation Kit, all you need is access to a internal PCI-E x1 slot, an extra Video Card and the required PCI-E Video Card Power Cable(s) to increase your Video Computing Power.
This external PCIe Slot is a PCIe x16 Slot running as x1. This works just fine for Virtual Currency Mining, but it is not designed as an extra SLI or Crossfire Slot; it will not increase Gaming Frame Rates.

System Requirements

PC with:

  • An available PCI-e x1 slot on your Motherboard
  • This external PCIe Slot is a physical PCIe x16 Slot running as a x1 slot.
  • A Power Supply large enough to handle your increased requirements
  • Additional Video Card w/ required PCI-E Power Cable(s)
  • Additional External Video Card Mounting may be required

Note: Additional Power and USB Data Extension Cables may be required depending on your specific installation.

Package Contents

  • 1x External PCI-E x16 Daughterboard
  • 1x 500mm USB 3.0 Cable, MM
  • 1x 150mm Molex to PCI-E Power, MM
  • 1x PCI-E to USB Adapter Card
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