Features to take you further

With Chromebooks, we’ve reimagined every feature from the ground up to be smarter, faster and more secure. That means pairing an all-new OS with an all-day battery, so you can work from your favorite apps, anytime, anywhere.

Watch fun video tutorials to learn how you can do even more with your Chromebook.

Featuring it all

Looks fresh. Feels fresh.
Stays fresh.

Designed for flexibility and crafted with premium hardware, Chromebooks are made to fit beautifully and seamlessly into your day. They come with virus protection built in and they update automatically so they always stay first-day fast.

Sleek and lightweight devices

Convertibles or detachables

Touchscreen and tablet mode

Security from the start

From the moment you open your Chromebook, you’re protected by multiple layers of security to defend against malware, viruses and accidental mishaps.

Isolate potential incidents

Google Chrome uses a process called “sandboxing,” so that every tab you open is isolated from the important functions of your Chromebook. That means that even if your tab lands on a page that is infected by malware, it can’t attack the rest of the computer.

Power-wash known problems

In the rare cases where something does go wrong, a fresh start is just a click away. With the Power Washing feature on your Chromebook, you can easily refresh your device back to factory settings and get rid of any malware in the process.

Power-wash known problems

Your Chromebook automatically updates its software in the background so you always have the latest and greatest security updates.

The power to keep going

The fight for the last coffee shop outlet is finally over. Every Chromebook comes with a 8 hour battery life, so you can do more with every charge. That’s 8 hours to work, play, watch and make, completely cord-free.1

Works online or off

All-day battery

Starts fast, stays fast

Chromebooks boot in seconds and update automatically so they’re always working at peak performance. No long load times, no confusing setup. Just flip it open and get going.

Optimizes for efficiency in updates

Starts in seconds

Never slows down

Stay seamlessly in sync

Chrome keeps your open tabs, bookmarks and recent searches in sync across your Chromebook, phone and tablet so you get the best browsing experience on every device.

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