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  • MX9671 SATA300 TX4 4-port SATA II PCI Controller Card (OEM)


SATA300 TX4 4-port SATA II PCI Controller Card (OEM)

From 5 Customer Reviews

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Plug'n'Play with GNU/Linux

8/3/2014 5:52:46 PM
Bob from Edmonton writes:
- Low profile design - One of the few cards that uses a standard PCI slot (saving a PCI Express slot). - Dropped it in, plugged in a hard drive and it worked instantly (running a stock Linux 3.2.0 kernel with Debian). - Not a RAID controller. Simply gives you 4 additional SATA II ports.
- System takes about 2 seconds longer on cold boot while the card is recognized by the mobo BIOS.
I find it misleading that a lot of the other controller cards on this site list "SATA II 150" in their product information. 150 MB/s is the spec for SATA I. SATA II is 300 MB/s. This card is supposedly spec'd for that. Taking a look at some other sites, Promise appears to be a more premium brand than some of the other makes offered here. I guess only time will tell.


4/17/2012 7:07:32 PM
Cody W from Calgary writes:
looks like a good hardware design
there is no bios installed. and the bios flash program from the manufacturer's website must be run off a floppy disk. (cd or usb boot wont work)
make sure you have a floppy drive (and disk) and some time and technical knowledge to get this one working.

Works great under linux

11/29/2010 6:28:47 AM
Joe from Calgary writes:
Works great for a linux fileserver, vanilla kernel support is stable and fast.
None noticed.
Great controller, running two in the same machine for years with no problems.

not so much

2/1/2010 6:32:18 AM
nevets from edmontonn north writes:
dont know if any
well i could not make this card work, took it into the store (w computer) & they said i now need to drop drivers onto it via floppy as there is "nuthing" on the card to start with??? and no a jump drive wount do it, but floppy drives are cheep... so hardware that needs more than an update, it needs original software installed (via floppy) insttead of the cd it comes with.... had his card 4 months ad now just sitts... nuthin

Works well for home build NAS

12/22/2009 4:09:10 PM
Ryan from Edmonton writes:
- small form factor, should work with most mini-itx builds when used with a low profile pci riser
- 4x SATA @ 300, not just 150 like most other cards at this price point
- decent 30Mb/sec transfer (based on zfs vraid5 freenas on gigabit lan)
- native freenas driver support
- none directly related to the card at this point.
still working through some random reboot issues during heavy smb use in freenas, but for a home mini-itx build, this card definitely does the trick!
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