Asus ROG Chakram Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Qi Charging

MX81433 ROG Chakram Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Qi Charging
MX81433 ROG Chakram Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Qi Charging MX81433 ROG Chakram Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Qi Charging MX81433 ROG Chakram Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Qi Charging MX81433 ROG Chakram Wireless Gaming Mouse w/ Qi Charging

Product Info

ASUS ROG Chakram RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse

RGB wireless gaming mouse with Qi charging, programmable joystick, tri-mode connectivity (wired / 2.4GHz / Bluetooth), advanced 16,000 dpi sensor, screw-less magnetic design, and Aura Sync Lighting

  • Tri-mode connectivity includes dual-wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth(BLE), plus wired USB, Industry leading 16,000 dpi, 400 ips optical sensor, plus 1000Hz polling rate support in 2.4GHz and wired modes
  • Programmable, removable joystick allows personalized settings and superior in-game controlFast charge for 15 minutes by wire for up to 12 hours of gameplay, or use Qi technology for wireless charging
  • Screw-less magnetic buttons and cover, ROG exclusive push-fit switch socket design and customizable badge for effortless DIY
  • Pivoted button mechanism offers rapid response and accurate performance with a clean, tactile feel
  • DPI On-The-Scroll manipulation for effortless accuracy adjustments
  • Armoury II interface enables intuitive adjustment of joystick, button, performance or light settings


The ROG Chakram is equipped with a high-end 16,000 dpi Optical Gaming Sensor to deliver the accuracy and speed you need. Its 100 to 16,000 dpi sensor tracks movements flawlessly up to an outstanding speed of 400 inches per second (IPS) at up to 40G acceleration. You'll also enjoy lag-free responsiveness with a 1,000 Hz polling rate in both 2.4GHz and wired mode for ultrasmooth gaming experiences.



ROG Chakram is a 16,000 dpi, tri-mode wired, 2.4GHz RF and Bluetooth mouse with a programmable, removable joystick that puts superior control right under your thumb. With fast charging, plus wireless Qi, pivoted buttons, detachable magnetic covers and a unique DPI On-The-Scroll feature for easy accuracy adjustment, Chakram is fearsome new fighting force on the gaming front.


Connect ROG Chakram any way you desire, with dual-wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth® LE, plus wired USB connectivity all on tap. Bond instantly via the included 1ms 2.4GHz USB dongle, maximize battery life with Bluetooth LE or attach anytime with a cable – the choice is yours.


ROG Chakram majors on charging simplicity. Top up rapidly by wire, or charge wirelessly wherever there's Qi.

Fast Wired Charging
Use ROG Chakram's USB Type-C input for up to 12 hours of gameplay from just a 15-minute fast charge.
Note: Fast charging requires a USB 3.0 connector, or external USB Power Adapter.

Qi Wireless Charging
Charge the ROG Chakram with a Qi-compatible charging surface, not included.

Exceptional Battery Life
Use ROG Chakram's USB Type-C input for up to 12 hours of gameplay from just a 15-minute fast charge.
Note: Fast charging requires USB 3.0 connector, or power adapter.



ROG Chakram's built-in joystick means you can dispense with a gamepad, keeping your hands on the mouse and keyboard. It can be configured to perform in one of two distinct modes – analog or digital – to fit different needs. You can even choose between a long or a short stick, both supplied, or remove the stick completely.
Note: Joystick functionality is available only in 2.4GHz and wired modes.

Analog Mode
When you set ROG Chakram's joystick to Analog Mode it simulates a real analog stick or joypad thumb stick, making it ideal for flight sims and racing game, empowering you to climb, dive , drift, pan the view – or any analog control.

Digital Mode
For first-person-shooter (FPS) or battle-royale arena commands, ROG Chakram's joystick can go digital, providing four programmable directions. Just push to reload, switch weapons, tilt, talk, summon a map, scroll web pages or practically any action imaginable – in games or beyond.

Customizable Joystick
ASUS included both a long and a short joystick to match different hand shapes and play styles. For times when the stick isn't needed, then whip it off and fit the included socket covers for a flush finish.
Note: For smooth installation and to avoid damage, please ensure correct orientation when inserting the joystick into the socket.


ROG Chakram is loaded with easy DIY features, from its screw-less magnetic buttons and cover to exclusive push-fit switch sockets and customizable badge, providing loads of freedom to make Chakram your own.

  • Screw-less Magnetic Buttons
    The mouse buttons also detach magnetically, enabling fast access to the swappable switches without a screwdriver
  • Exclusive Push-Fit Switch Socket
    It take just a moment to swap the switches, making it easy to drop in ones that fit your preferred operating force and feedback – or replace worn or broken switches to extend ROG Chakram's lifespan
  • Screw-less Magnetic Cover
    The detachable magnetic top plate slides off quickly and easily, no tools required
  • Customizable Badge
    The ROG logo is proudly displayed and we've also included a customizable blank badge, ready for you to make your ROG Chakram truly unique


This ROG Chakram is engineered to deliver exceptional gaming experience, and brimming with features to elevate it a level above the competition.

Pivoted Button Mechanism
Shorter travel means quicker clicks, which is why our engineers equipped ROG Chakram with pivoted buttons. The mechanism utilizes springs and metal hinges to balance the keys and minimize the distance between the buttons and switches. The upshot is minimal travel and rapid return, ensuring superb speed, responsiveness and consistency with every click.

DPI On The Fly
ROG Chakram's DPI On-The-Scroll feature lets you adjust accuracy easily, no software required. Just press and hold the DPI button and then spin the scroll wheel to set the sensitivity freely. Alternatively, just click the button to cycle through four different DPI levels.
Note: ROG Chakram changes illumination color to indicate the selected DPI range.


Take style to the next level with ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting. Fully customize your mouse using an endless spectrum of colors and a range of dynamic lighting effects. All illuminations can be synced with an ever-growing portfolio of Aura Sync-capable hardware to create a truly personalized gaming den.

ARMOURY II Config Utility

ASUS Armoury II is an enhanced driver-based peripherals configuration utility that offers extensive controls. An intuitive UI lets you easily tune ROG Chakram to suit your gameplay – adjust performance and surface calibration settings, program and map buttons, tailor the joystick input, customize lighting effects and more. You can even track hardware stats during gameplay for data analysis.



This ASUS ROG Gaming Mouse supports both of these Operating Systems:

  • Windows® 10 Only


Make and Model ASUS RoG Chakram Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse
Part Number 90MP01K0-BMUA00
Color Black
Buttons 2 Pivoted Mouse Buttons with Japanese-made Omron™ Switches

Programmable Removable Joystick Button
Analog or Digital Modes
Long and Short Joystick Buttons Included

Sensor Resolution 100 ~ 12,000 dpi
Tracking Optical
Speeds up to 10.6m/sec (400 ips/sec)
Up to 40G Acceleration
Polling Rate Wired & 2.4GHz Wireless Modes: 1,000Hz
Connectivity Wired: USB Type-C port via included USB Cable
Wireless: 2.4GHz + Bluetooth via included USB Dongle
Cabling Comes with detachable Braided USB Cable for charging and wired use
Battery Internal Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Life Up to 79 Hours of Wireless Power
Charging Wired: USB 3.0 Type-C Cable
Wireless: Supports Qi Chargers, not included
Dimensions 133 x 77 x 42.8mm
Weight Without Cable: 121.6g