Seagate Barracuda 120 Series 2.5in SSD, SATA III, 500GB

MX80962 Barracuda 120 Series 2.5in SSD, SATA III, 500GB
MX80962 Barracuda 120 Series 2.5in SSD, SATA III, 500GB

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Sunday, May 17, 2020
By: George Daly
From: Calgary

Unbelievable Performance Gain To 8 Year Old Lenovo Laptop


Lightning fast. Improves every single aspect of the computing experience on my laptop. Astounding gain.. so responsive. Great invesment. Simple to install, physically. Not so simple to set up. Not so simple to clone your old hard drive onto the new SSD. Seagate has work to do. There is not one iota of information supplied with this retail packaged SSD to help the home PC do it yourselfer. It's shocking. The Seagate website is no help either. They plug their free software, SEATOOLS, but it is absolutely useless for for anything but testing hard drives.


So, luckily I had an earlier experience with Kingston. They understand, a home PC upgrader needs support. They supply ACRONIS TrueImage software and instructions for cloning. I had a copy of this software on hand so I was able to use it to clone my laptop's original hard drive onto the 500 GB Seagate SSD. Temporarily, I installed the Seagate 120 SSD into an external enclosure, connected it to my laptop by USB and booted from the Acronis TrueImage CD. Then I chose CLONE and I was in business. Sophisticated and safe. Booting from USB might be necessary if your PC has no CD/DVD reader. Same result. A perfect copy of your old hard drive on the new SSD. Boots flawlessly the first time. As it should.

Additional Comments:

All SSD's are infinitely fast than mechanical hard drives. So, buy the brand that supports you properly with installation software and instructions. Do not buy bare hardware, like this Seagate product. Kingston is good. Western Digital too I think. Maybe Samsung, and Sandisk. Adata too maybe. Check carefully. Installation procedures and the correct software are important considerations... critical even.
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