Ergotron Neo-Flex LCD Arm, Silver

MX8076 Neo-Flex LCD Arm, Silver
MX8076 Neo-Flex LCD Arm, Silver

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So good, I'm gonna return them and spend extra money for the next level up

Submitted on Thursday, November 04, 2010
By Dan
From Edmonton, Alberta

Strengths of the product

-Removable Extension Arm
-Really adjustable to make it eye level on an elbow-level table.

Weaknesses of the product

-Plastic wire guides are too small for DVI cables, but DVI cables are so thick they don't seem like they would track well anyways.

Additional Comments

I got two of these for my dual monitors because two of them were cheaper than the LX dual-arm stand. But I like them enough I'm going to return them and order the dual arm stand. important item

Submitted on Thursday, February 05, 2009
By Kyle
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

It is a great all around display mount for a 20" panel or less, and you can't beat the price.

Weaknesses of the product

Panels deeper than 2"

Additional Comments

My Benq G2200W is almost exactly 2 inches deep, which made it impossible for me to tighten the joints enough to keep it from sagging.

Right in the specs it says: Weight capacity may be diminished if monitor depth is greater than 2 inches, which I overlooked in picking this one up.

Great monitor arm!

Submitted on Thursday, January 08, 2009
By Mike
From Calgary

Strengths of the product

Great monitor arm, low price compared to most and great construction.

Weaknesses of the product

Plastic cable management clips fall apart when touched.

Additional Comments

I fully agree with everything Aki Kazeta said, although my hex key didn't break, so even better!

I watch a lot of shows and movies on my PC, so instead of upgrading to a bigger monitor for lot of $$$ I just move my monitor closer. Also allows for easy access storage behind my monitor.

Good Quality - Reasonable Price

Submitted on Monday, May 05, 2008
By Aki Kazeta
From Edmonton

Strengths of the product

- The arm itself is well built with very sturdy materials.
- Once the pivot point tension is adjusted appropriately the arm works suprisingly well and provides a very good range of motion.
- Excellent price.
- Comes assembled making installation of LCD very easy.

Weaknesses of the product

- The large hex key that came with the arm broke in half on first use!
- The plastic clips for managing cables should be better constructed. They come apart very easily. Recommend replacing with velcro cable ties.
- Instructions are very Ikea-esque. Could be clearer.

Additional Comments

The quality of the arm, the range of motion provided, and the reasonable price more than make up for the minor shortcomings.
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