Marathon Jumbo Digital Atomic Clock, Black

MX80087 Jumbo Digital Atomic Clock, Black
MX80087 Jumbo Digital Atomic Clock, Black

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Marathon CL030025 Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock

The Most Accurate Clocks

  • SELF-SETTING & ADJUSTING: Use shortwave radio frequencies broadcast from the NIST Cesium Atomic Clock in Colorado, USA to stay consistently accurate to the second
  • JUMBO DISPLAY: LCD display features large 117mm / 52mm digits for easy viewing across the room
  • MULTIPLE DISPLAY MODES: 12 or 24 Hour Display Formats with Indoor Temperature Display options in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • 6 TIME ZONES SUPPORTED: Choose between AST, CST, EST, MST, NST & PST for North and South America with Daylight Savings Time options
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED: Three long Life C Batteries included


Consistently Accurate to the Second!

This Marathon Atomic Clock recieves accurate time signals from the NIST Cesium Atomic Clock to ensure that the time, day and date are always accurate to the second. It can even adjust automatically for daylight savings time changes. This Marathon Atomic Wall Clock is jam packed with features that sets it aside from the competition. The jumbo LCD Display with large 117mm / 52mm digits is extremely legible even across the room.

The industrial design of this clock makes it perfect for any office, boardroom, classroom, hospital or any other large room. Choose between 6 Western Time Zones (AST, CST, EST, MST, NST & PST) for North and South America. You can also choose to have the time displayed in 12 hour or 24 hour formats and the ambient temperature is available in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Use the cutout on the back of the clock to easily hang on a wall using a nail or screw, or simply put it down on a table, shelf or desk, etc. There is even a low battery indicator to let you know when to change the three included C batteries.



Make and Model MARATHON Jumbo Digital Atomic Clock
Part Number CL030025BK
Color Black
Functions Time (12 / 24 Hours)
Month / Date / Day
Room Temperature (C / F)
Accuracy Consistently accurate to the second via Shortwave Radio syncronization to the NIST Atomic Cesium Clock
Character Height Hours / Minutes: 117mm tall
Seconds: 52mm tall
Power 3x C Batteries, included
Dimensions (LxWxH) 420 x 44 x 270mm
Weight N/A