BenQ GL2780 27in Full HD TN LED LCD

MX79566 GL2780 27in Full HD TN LED LCD
MX79566 GL2780 27in Full HD TN LED LCD MX79566 GL2780 27in Full HD TN LED LCD MX79566 GL2780 27in Full HD TN LED LCD MX79566 GL2780 27in Full HD TN LED LCD

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Sunday, August 1, 2021
From: winnipeg



Hello, I purchased this Ben Q a few days ago for my wife's older 24 inch was acting up. Wife really loves the monitor has a lot of nice features for helping for eyestrain. And a great control panel were push button control you can Set reading multimedia and a few others with a few clicks and the monitor does 75hZ Get an extra 15 FPS Which is a great bonus. nvidia's control panel why is there Ultra HD,HD,SD or PC 1920 by 1080 is HD mode better in resolution i get MY 75Hz MY 75Hz when put pc mode.with the hdmi cable plugged in. Set to 1920 by 1080 not sure what hdmi cable I think I'm using 1.4 cable . So using the HDMI frequency the monitor will produce 75 Hz extra 15 FPS. Use this test tool me 75 HzSo the monitor can produce those frequencies with not forcing anything. Just by using the HDMI cable and then Nvidia control panel scroll down to PC and set it to 1920 x1080 P which is HD.


Would've been a nice To have a swivel Screen.

Additional Comments:

Wife loves the picture quality and quick to go to screen setting.
Saturday, September 12, 2020
By: Jon
From: Yarker

Ok but specs are misleading


Decent monitor good front panel buttons, and good price. Screen is nice no issues there.


Is not 75hz refresh rate dont believe that it is. Its only 75hz at some stupid resolution that you would never in your right mind use. It is not available at native resolution. Yes i know you need windows to force it, but if its not available in the drop down as an option .... so yeah its 60hz.

Additional Comments:

Overall good as long as you know what you are getting.
Thursday, December 26, 2019
By: Will
From: Calgary

Benq 2780

Additional Comments:

It's a pretty good monitor for the price.
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