D-Link DSP-W320 Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug

MX79499 DSP-W320 Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug
MX79499 DSP-W320 Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug MX79499 DSP-W320 Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug MX79499 DSP-W320 Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug MX79499 DSP-W320 Outdoor Wi-Fi Smart Plug

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DSP-W320 great when it works.

Submitted on Monday, February 10, 2020
By Nelson Pires
From Port Stanley

Strengths of the product

This device seems to handle Canadian weather quite well. In that respect it lives up to its potential. It’s also nice to be able to control 2 outlets, which makes it very versatile, especially in an outdoor setting. Not quite sure why it also has a USB connection, but I’m sure it could come in handy if you had a USB device close at hand, though you cannot turn this on or off.

Weaknesses of the product

The biggest issue I’ve come across is trying to keep this device connected to the wifi. The longest it has remained connected for me is 2 days, then it loses connection and never reconnects again until you reset it completely and start from scratch. Even then it may not connect and it has become incredibly frustrating. It’s down to a few hours at best now and may take 5 or 6 attempts from scratch to get them ( I have 2) to work even though I have both inside my house now and within 20 feet of my router. I also find that the software is quite lacking as it is very confusing to do something simple as there are too many ways to access the devices, that only allow limited capabilities. For instance, you can access devices from the visible bottom menu but you can only change the name of the right and left plug here. If you want to make config changes, you have to click on settings > devices to make any changes as well as change those names. Seems redundant and is quite frustrating.

Additional Comments

I really wanted these to be great and coming from D-Link I had high expectations for them. Unfortunately I am disappointed as they just don’t appear to work as promised. I’ll keep banging away at them to get them to work but everyday that passes just adds to my frustration level.
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