Asus TUF 3 O8G Gaming Radeon RX5700 8GB PCI-E w/ HDMI, Triple DP

MX79289 TUF 3 O8G Gaming Radeon RX5700 8GB PCI-E w/ HDMI, Triple DP
MX79289 TUF 3 O8G Gaming Radeon RX5700 8GB PCI-E w/ HDMI, Triple DP MX79289 TUF 3 O8G Gaming Radeon RX5700 8GB PCI-E w/ HDMI, Triple DP MX79289 TUF 3 O8G Gaming Radeon RX5700 8GB PCI-E w/ HDMI, Triple DP MX79289 TUF 3 O8G Gaming Radeon RX5700 8GB PCI-E w/ HDMI, Triple DP

Game Fidelity Accelerated

High-performance RDNA architecture was engineered to greatly enhance features like Radeon Image Sharpening, FidelityFX, and VR technologies³ for maximum performance and jaw-dropping gaming experiences.

Immersive Gaming Dynamics

Get the competitive advantage with dramatically reduced input lag with Radeon Anti-Lag, get stutter-free, tear-free gaming with AMD Radeon FreeSync¹ technology, and the latest Radeon Software for incredibly responsive and insanely immersive gameplay.

The New Gaming RDNA Architecture

Radeon RX 5700 features new compute units, new instructions better suited for visual effects, and multi-level cache hierarchy for greatly reduced latency and highly responsive gaming.

Product Info

ASUS TUF 3 RX 5700 O8G GAMING 8GB Video Card

The ASUS TUF 3 RX 5700 O8G GAMING Edition 8GB is built for durability and gaming performance at 1440p

  • Space-grade lubricant brings the durability of dual ball bearings to quieter sleeve bearing designs
  • IP5X dust resistance offers protection from particle ingress for better durability
  • 2.7-slot Design expands cooling surface area to make the most of the three powerful fans
  • Auto-Extreme Technology uses automation to enhance reliability
  • DirectCU III brings copper heatpipes into direct contact with the die for better cooling
  • A protective backplate secures components during transportation and installation
  • TUF compatibility testing ensures TUF Gaming and TUF alliance products work together flawlessly
  • 144-hour validation program puts cards through a series of stringent tests to ensure compatibility with the latest games
  • GPU Tweak II provides intuitive performance tweaking, thermal controls, and system monitoring
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync™ offers stutter-free and tear-free gaming with FreeSync monitors





Built TUF

The TUF Gaming X3 Radeon™ RX 5700 equips 3 powerful fans to up the ante for cooling, without sacrificing the durability that makes it TUF.

Each card is built using Auto-Extreme manufacturing, protected by a rigid backplate that prevents PCB flex, and uses sleeve fan bearings with space-grade lubricant sealed to IP5X standards.

And, it's all backed by a rigorous battery of validation tests to ensure compatibility with the latest TUF products.

If you're looking for the super-cooled tank of graphics cards, lock and load your rig with the TUF Gaming X3 RX 5700 XT.



  • Space Grade Lubricant: Improved Lubricity
    Infused with a durable lubricant used in aerospace, these sleeve bearings deliver a quieter acoustic profile than dual ball bearing designs and match their durability
  • IP5X Dust Resistance: Keep It Clean
    Dust is enemy number one for fans. It's easy to clean the blades, but taking the fan apart to remove dust that has made its way inside is not easy. IP5X certification keeps nasty particulates out of the housing, so you'll never need that deep clean
  • 2.7 Slot Design: Sink Your Heat Into This
    The TUF Gaming X3 RX 5700 leverages a 2.7-slot design to gain more heatsink surface area. The extra thermal headroom increases overclocking potential and allows fans to run at even lower speeds in light scenarios


Auto−Extreme Technology: Precision automated manufacturing
Auto-Extreme Technology is an automated manufacturing process with new standards by allowing all soldering to be completed in a single pass. This reduces thermal strain on components, avoids using harsh chemicals with less environmental impact and lower manufacturing power consumption, and a more reliable product overall.

DirectCU III: First Contact
Copper heatpipes make direct contact with the die for improved thermal transfer.

Protective Backplate: That's so metal!
The PCB is reinforced by an aluminum backplate that adds structural rigidity, helping to prevent flex and protect components and trace pathways from damage.


TUF Compatibility Testing: Better together
ASUS TUF Gaming and TUF Gaming Alliance products from our partners are subjected to a rigorous battery of validation tests to ensure a seamless plug-and-play experience. All products also share a common design language, making it easier to build an entire battlestation that has a unified aesthetic.

144−Hour Validation Program: "Extensive" may be an understatement
Each card must meet rigorous performance and reliability standards before it ships. Performance and stress tests are run with the latest chart-topping titles like Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. We also carry out reliability trials that include a 144-hour stability test and a series of 3DMark benchmarking runs to ensure the card performs well when pushed to the limits.

AMD Radeon FreeSync™: Immersive Gaming Dynamics
Experience stutter-free, tear-free gaming with AMD Radeon FreeSync™1 and FreeSync™ 2 HDR2 technology, available on many ASUS monitors.

Subtle Lighting: A bit lit
The shroud features a subtle illuminated strip that creates a stylish accent for your build.



AMD Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition: Hardcore software
Radeon™ Software is a powerful hub that provides tools to customize in-game aesthetics, record gameplay, tweak performance, update drivers, and much more. The latest edition features Radeon™ Anti-Lag, a new technology that reduces input lag, effectively increasing the response time of the game and offering a significant competitive advantage in many titles.

GPU Tweak II: Monitor, tweak, and tune
The ASUS GPU Tweak II utility takes graphics card tuning to the next level. It allows you to tweak critical parameters including GPU core clocks, memory frequency, and voltage settings, with the option to monitor everything in real-time through a customizable on-screen display. Advanced fan control is also included along with many more features to help you get the most out of your graphics card.


quantumcloud: Profit from GPU power
quantumcloud is a simple and secure service that lets you effortlessly earn extra money by putting your idle GPU to work. Through an easy-to-use app, your computer can help run cloud-based applications, making you money in the process. Earnings are automatically transferred to your WeChat or PayPal account, and your privacy remains intact because Quantumcloud doesn't collect your personal data. Get started making money today!

wtfast: Play lag-free
We've partnered with wtfast to help you to play free from lag, latency issues, and lost packets. With a 6-month subscription to the wtfast Gamers Private Network, you'll enjoy lower ping for a smoother, more fluid online gaming experience. Buy an ASUS graphics card - and don't be left waiting!

XSplit: Premium streaming
XSplit offers a premium streaming experience with in-game annotations and other advanced features. Enjoy a free license with the purchase of select ASUS graphics cards.


Radeon Anti-Lag

When every frame counts and every click matters, AMD Radeon Anti-Lag is the ultimate tool and a must-have feature for gamers and competitive eSports players. Radeon Anti-Lag works by minimizing the amount of time between a gamer pressing a key or moving the mouse and having that response show up on the screen.


Intelligent Sharpening Technology

Radeon Image Sharpening (RIS) is a contrast-adaptive sharpening algorithm designed to intelligently enhance details to deliver crisp-looking visuals with minimal performance impact.



FidelityFX is a collection of high-quality post-process effects that automatically collapse multiple effects into fewer shader passes to reduce overhead and free up your GPU for the visceral experience you demand.


Additional Information:

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I/O Ports


System Requirements

  • 1x PCI Express x16 4.0 Slot
    Compatible with legacy PCI Express x16 3.0 slots at reduced performance levels
  • 1x 8-pin + 1x 6-pin PCI-E Power Connector
  • 600 Watt or greater Power Supply


Make and Model ASUS RX 5700 TUF 3 O8G GAMING Video Card
Part Number TUF 3-RX5700-O8G-GAMING
Chipset AMD Radeon RX 5700
Stream Processors 2,304
Engine Clock OC Mode - P Mode:
Boost Clock: 1,750 MHz
Game Clock: Up to 1725 MHz
Base Clock: 1610 MHz

Gaming Mode - P Mode:
Boost Clock: ~ 1750 MHz
Game Clock: Up to 1720 MHz
Base Clock: 1565 MHz

Memory 8GB GDDR6
Memory Clock 14 Gbps Effective
Memory Interface 256-bit
Memory Bandwidth 448 GB/sec
Bus Interface PCI Express x16 4.0
Compatible with legacy PCI Express x16 3.0 slots at reduced performance levels
Crossfire Support Yes
Lighting RGB LED Lighting w/ Aura Sync
Cooler 2.7 slot active cooler w/ triple Axial-tech Fans
Maximum Resolution 8K Super UHD: 7,680 x 4,320
Max. Display Support 6
DVI None
HDMI 1x HDMI v2.0b
DisplayPort 3x DisplayPort v1.4
Video Out HDMI
HDCP Support Yes 2.2
Power Connectors 1x 8-pin + 1x 6-pin Power Connectors
Dimensions 269 x 125 x 54mm
Weight N/A