Western Digital 4TB My Passport Portable HDD, USB 3.2, Black

MX78688 4TB My Passport Portable HDD, USB 3.2, Black
MX78688 4TB My Passport Portable HDD, USB 3.2, Black MX78688 4TB My Passport Portable HDD, USB 3.2, Black

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Saturday, December 31, 2022
By: Cody
From: Edmonton

Worked alright, but handles large data transfers poorly


Transfers pretty fast, an average of 120mb/s Very quiet


After a short lifespan of 1 year it now has issues staying mounted when performing large transfers. Attempted using different USB cable, different USB port, using different computer (other computer didn't even attempt to mount it when plugged in). Updated WD and USB drivers, still no change. Power Saving disabled, selective suspend disabled, issue persists. Other hard drives (including an external) carry out functions normally on same computer. Maybe I was unlucky, but I shouldn't have to test my luck on the lifespan of such a product. Thanks to the nature of this issue, I should be able to slowly move my files to a more stable volume

Additional Comments:

This external hard drive performs quite nicely, however it has a substandard lifespan in my use of it and develops issues when you are transferring large files. If you are using it for storage of files totalling under 5GB in size, it should work just fine. If you are frequently handling files over 5GB (issue happens somewhere between 6GB to 11GB of consecutive transfers), look for a better hard drive. Recommended for storage of small files. NOT recommended for storage of large files.
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
By: Data Recovery Expert Service
From: Calgary

Fast and quite


Good hard drive fast and reliable. Low faulty rate. 3 years warranty.


USB 3.2 Gen1 (up to 5 GB/sec), however It will never reach that speed. Maximum write and read sequential speed at beginning of use 140 MB/SEC at the end of the volume 80 MB/SEC So USB 3.0 port fast enough.

Additional Comments:

Good drive for keep back up and data. Internal memory cache 64 MB
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