Ducky One 2 SF 65% RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches

MX78615 One 2 SF 65% RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches
MX78615 One 2 SF 65% RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches MX78615 One 2 SF 65% RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches MX78615 One 2 SF 65% RGB LED Mechanical Keyboard w/ Cherry MX Silver Switches

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Saturday, November 21, 2020
By: Reymon
From: Alberta

Best option if you like arrow keys.


The casing for the keyboard is really nice, I have the white version and it is very appealing aesthetically, and would fit in a lot of peoples overall set up. The fact that Ducky also provides random color and designed key caps makes purchasing the keyboard a little fun. The silver switches provides a very light actuation point which is good for me as I don't really bottom out my presses, and that I type really lightly.


The silver switches is hit or miss in my opinion, if you tend to twitch your fingers you'd be surprised how easily it is to accidentally actuate a random key without noticing. The switches aren't easy to switch out and require some knowledge with keyboards in order to switch out the switches so if changing switches is on your mind down the line, this keyboard might not be for you. The design of the right shift key means that not all standard key caps will fit on that side as it 's shorter.

Additional Comments:

Feels really nice to the touch and is really nice to look at on the desk it is also pretty quiet. Overall a great entry typing/gaming keyboard that would satisfy most newcomers to the pricier keyboard category.
Saturday, September 05, 2020
By: Andreas
From: Edmonton

better than expected


RGB shines brightly through the key caps, wasn't expecting it to be this vibrant. Really enjoy the extra set of keycaps Ducky gives you (which come in a random color - I got navy blue) as well as a cool Chinese Zodiac theme spacebar, makes the keyboard feel more unique. Really enjoying the light feeling of the silver switches, my old keyboard had cherry mx reds so this feels like a really smooth upgrade! Has 3 different angles which is also great if you prefer typing at an elevation. Build quality seems great so far it is sturdy due to the steel plate housing and there is little to no rattle from the stabilizers, just can't say enough great things about this keyboard.



Additional Comments:

Would suggest this keyboard to anyone; i am really impressed (upgraded from an old corsair k63 with mx reds).
Sunday, August 23, 2020
By: Mike
From: Alberta

Fantastic Tenkeyless keyboard!


Small factor of a TKL keyboard without sacrificing arrow keys or delete key; great build quality; wide variety of Cherry MX switches to choose from; lots of personality; no extra software needed


Programming macros and lighting effects on the keyboard itself has a steep learning curve; lack of software does mean no support for game specific lighting effects; lack of function keys can be a little annoying if you use a lot of older software / games.

Additional Comments:

I think this is the best tenkeyless keyboard out there. It strikes a perfect balance between the small form factor of a mini keyboard but without sacrificing the arrow keys and even includes a few extra functional keys like Delete, PgUp and PgDn. When I'm not at work I can live without a numpad, and the extra space that leaves for using a mouse is awesome when gaming - living without arrow keys would be, at least for me, a lot harder. The build quality on this keyboard is top notch - even if it is plastic, it feels solid and has a good weight that keeps it in place on your desk. The keys are also all replaceable should you choose to really customize it, and the keyboard comes with a few extra keys in a random colour along with a space bar featuring the Chinese zodiac for the year it was manufactured, giving this keyboard a really nice dose of personality out the box. The wide choice of Cherry MX switches to choose from also means you can get one that feels just the way you want it to - this particular one has extremely fast response time, I barely have to push a key to get it to register. Perhaps the biggest selling point for me was that this keyboard requires no additional software - the macros and lighting effects are all controlled by the keyboard itself. This means no dealing with proprietary programs from the manufacturer that, let's be honest, we all know are garbage - some brands in particular seem especially notorious for crashing or taking forever to load every time you boot. Not an issue here. The slight downside to that is first of all, you obviously lose any game specific lighting effects, if you're playing a game that would highlight particular keys for you automatically. Secondly, the built in method of assigning macros or switching light colours can be a bit daunting at first, involving lots of key combinations in exactly the right order. Keep that manual handy though and you'll figure it out - honestly I think it's a very small price to pay for not having to deal with unstable, bulky extra software.
Monday, July 13, 2020
By: Seth
From: Alberta, Canada

Amazing keyboard!


This keyboard is just an all around good keyboard and with the silver switches it is very fast. The small form factor but still having arrow keys is amazing.


The only thing I would say is a bummer is the fact the the right shift key is a very weird size and you'll have to use a numpad 0 for it if u want a new keycap set.
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