Kanto TUK Premium Powered Speakers, Black

MX78597 TUK Premium Powered Speakers, Black
MX78597 TUK Premium Powered Speakers, Black MX78597 TUK Premium Powered Speakers, Black MX78597 TUK Premium Powered Speakers, Black

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Monday, April 12, 2021
By: Mikey Bikey
From: Calgary



Terrific sound beyond belief. Includes grilles (which the other Kanto's do not). Function lights on the front active speaker take the guessing away for which mode you are in. Detachable power cord. Banana plug speaker terminals. RCA connectors for input source. Supports Toslink, and Blue Tooth. Compliments well with Kanto SUB-8. Accessible 3.5mm jack on front of active speaker. The remote is pedestrian but functional. You're going to want to install your own cables (all of them) to bring out the best in them. The cables that Kanto ships in the box are less than Meh. Extremely unforgiving of poorly recorded sound sources, but hey, that's the way she goes. These are audiophile grade speakers. Are they worth $1K Canadian? Probably not. They are worth $850 or so retail, imho. I think I'm going to be able to live with them.


Available in only black and white. The wood grain finishes available on the other Kantos would have made a nice touch with the Tuks. Not the prettiest-looking puppies on the block but with their great sound quality, you don't have to look at them when playing your favourite tunes.

Additional Comments:

Skip paying your taxes this year; instead grab a pair of these speakers. 4.5 stars only because of their industrial appearance and the high price in Canadian dollars. Since Kanto is based in Vancouver, they could have given the citizens a break on retail pricing, or at least left their cheap cables as optional for an extra $50 discount.
Thursday, December 17, 2020
By: A. Lee
From: Calgary

Stunning sound, and look.


These are truly next-gen Kanto speakers, a true improvement over the YU lineup. Strong bass presence, the YU's really need a sub - and even if you have sub, the speakers don't cut out the sub-80 frequency, but the TUK's do if you choose to go that route! Beautiful clear sound and I can say these sound great for audio and video, and even gaming. I didn't like the YU4's for all-around but these ones' I'm keeping.


Absolutely none that I can list. Pricey, but they sound gorgeous.

Additional Comments:

Highly recommend. I tried several speakers and these are the ones for me! Probably won't even bother with a sub, even down the road. They just sound great and full!
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