Cooler Master MasterFan SF240R ARGB LED Dual 120mm Fan Kit

MX77801 MasterFan SF240R ARGB LED Dual 120mm Fan Kit
MX77801 MasterFan SF240R ARGB LED Dual 120mm Fan Kit

Product Info

MasterFan SF240R ARGB LED Dual 120mm Case Fan Kit

This coolerMaster MasterFan SF240R ARGB is a new SF Series fan to complete its MasterFan SF series. The all in one dual fan design has a rectangular / square frame design that maximizes area coverage and helps to generate high pressure airflow. By design, it provides a specific air cooling solution ideal for your Radiators and chassis intake fans when 2x 120mm fans fit.

Sound absorbing rubberized padding along with an installed silent driver IC to smoothen fan rotation which reduce vibration and fan clicks. This SF240R ARGB Fan Kit is compatible with Addressable RGB-enabled PC MOtherboards from major manufacturers like ASUS, MSI and ASROCK; you can feel the enhanced flow along with all the full color fun in this perfect match for your Gaming Rig.

Addressable RGB Color

Certified Compatible with Addressable RGB compatible Asus Aura, ASRock and MSI Motherboards.


Integrated Design

By combining two 120mm fans into one product for a quick and painless install on cases and liquid coolers.

Less wires to worry about

Easy cable management will not only make you less frustrated but also allows the system to run cooler and quieter.

Hybrid Design

A hybrid of jet engine and helicopter blade designs gives you the static air pressure you need without sacrificing airflow.

Smart Fan Sensor with Anti-Jam Protection

Never worry about your cables getting snagged or components being mucked up ever again.

Wired ARGB Controller

Color can be adjusted with just a touch of a button without the need for software.



Make and Model Cooler Master MasterFan SF240R ARGB Dual 120mm Cooling Fan Kit
Part Number MFX-B2D2-18NPA-R1
Color Black w/ White Fan Blades
Connector 3-pin ARGB Connector
Speed 650 ~ 1,800rpm ±10%
Air Flow Per Fan: 43cfm ±10%
Total Airflow: 86cfm ±10%
Air Pressure 1.58mm H2O
Bearing Type Rifle Bearing
Noise 8 ~ 30dBA
Fan Lifetime MTTF: 160,000 Hours
Power RGB Input: 5Vdc @ 0.8A, 4W per fan
Fan Input: 12Vdc @ 0.17A, 2W per fan
Dimensions 120 x 240 x 25mm
Weight 262g