Seagate IronWolf 110 NAS SSD, 2.5in, SATA III, 3.84TB

MX77306 IronWolf 110 NAS SSD, 2.5in, SATA III, 3.84TB
MX77306 IronWolf 110 NAS SSD, 2.5in, SATA III, 3.84TB MX77306 IronWolf 110 NAS SSD, 2.5in, SATA III, 3.84TB

Product Info


The Right SSD Drive for NAS

This Seagate® IronWolf® 110 SSD is built for NAS with capacities from 240GB up to 3.84TB. Each drive includes AgileArray™ firmware to keep your NAS enclosure maximized for demanding 24×7 and multi-user environments, and can be used in an all-flash array (AFA) or in a NAS capable of tiered caching.

Achieve Pure Performance in Small Business NAS

Small businesses using AFA systems can be fully utilized with sustained data rates up to 560MB/s, which allow the server to deliver more data in a multi-user environment. Using an AFA, such as a Synology FS3017 fitted with the 3.84TB IronWolf 110, will bring your business to the next level of storage.

Be More Creative with SSD Cache in NAS

The IronWolf portfolio includes hard drives and solid state drives for NAS systems. IronWolf 110 SSD can be integrated for caching capabilities on compatible NAS, such as the QNAP TVS-951X. Having a hybrid of HDD and SSD allows for caching that provides maximized capacity, minimal cost, and optimal performance.


Increases NAS Performance and Reliability

This IronWolf 110 SSD is an enterprise-class drive equipped with DuraWrite™ Lossless Data Reduction Technology, allowing for increased performance and reliability. Watch the following video (below) to learn more about this fascinating technology.


Optimized for NAS AFA or Cache Tiering

High-Capacity Storage

NAS with all 3.5-inch HDD

  • High Capacity
  • Affordable Cost
  • Larger Size

High capacity and lower price HDD compared to SSD


Pure Performance

NAS with all 2.5-inch SSD

  • Smaller Capacity
  • Higher Cost
  • Smaller Size, High Density

Lowest latency with 10GbE network performance


Hybrid of HDD & SSD Caching

NAS Combining

  • Maximized Capacity
  • Minimal Cost
  • Optimal Size and Performance

Lower TCO with advantage of capacity and performance


IronWolf HEALTH: Drive Health and Data Recovery

Keep Your Data In Good Shape!

For all Around Well-being, you need Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery
IronWolf Health Management provides all these aspects of care for supported IronWolf and IronWolf Pro hard drives.

Thanks to IHM, which operates in popular NAS operating systems, you can stop external disturbances from affecting the NAS or drive health, proactively intervene and backup your data when the system notifies, and available industry leading rescue and recovery services if a catastrophic event occurs.



Best-Fit Applications:

  • All-flash array NAS
  • Tiered caching on enabled NAS
  • Creative pro NAS
  • Small, medium enterprise NAS

Additional Information:

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Download the Manufacturer Specification Sheet


Make and Model Seagate IronWolf 110 SATA NAS SSD, 2.5in, 3.84TB
Part Number ZA3840NM10001
Capacity Unformatted: 3.84TB1
NAND Flash Type 3D TLC NAND Flash
Interface SATA III
Transfer Rate Up to 6.0 Gb/s
RAID Support Yes, with RAID Controller, not included
TRIM Support Yes, with OS Support
Form Factor 2.5 inch Drive
Bandwidth 128KB Sequential Bandwidth, QD32:

Reads: Up to 560 MB/s
Writes: Up to 535 MB/s

Performance may vary based on system hardware & configurations
Random IOPS Random 4KB, QD32:

Reads: Up to 85,000 IOPS
Writes: Up to 45,000 IOPS

Performance may vary based on system hardware & configurations
MTBF 2.0 Million Hours
TBW 7,000 TB Total Bytes Written
Temperature Operating: 0 ~ 70° C
Non-Operating: -40 ~ 85° C
Shock Rating 1,000G / 0.5ms (Half Sine)
Power Consumption Average: 3.5W
Idle: 1.2W
Dimensions & Weight  
Dimensions 100.25 x 70.1 x 7.0mm
Weight ~77g
  1. Actual formatted capacity will be less than shown, depending on the type of formatting and partitioning, the operating system used, etc.