Targus TSB921CA 15.6in Balance EcoSmart Backpack, Black

MX77274 TSB921CA 15.6in Balance EcoSmart Backpack, Black
MX77274 TSB921CA 15.6in Balance EcoSmart Backpack, Black MX77274 TSB921CA 15.6in Balance EcoSmart Backpack, Black MX77274 TSB921CA 15.6in Balance EcoSmart Backpack, Black MX77274 TSB921CA 15.6in Balance EcoSmart Backpack, Black

Product Info

The TARGUS TSB921CA Balance™ EcoSmart® Checkpoint Friendly Backpack:

Earth-sensitive materials combined with an ergonomic design features protective details that deliver strong protection for your work gear - indoors or outside.

The Balance™ EcoSmart® Backpack has advanced ergonomic design for maximum comfort, with adjustable features that help distribute load evenly and helps to reduce fatigue from long-term wear. Its PVC-free fabric is woven from recycled water bottles, its hardware is nickel-free, and its zipper pulls are recyclable.

The Balance backpack boasts enhanced protective elements like the SafePort® Sling Plus, which suspends your laptop inside the pack to help protect it from drops, plus padding on both the side and front of the device for additional protection.

As well, the Weather-resistant materials used also fare very well against the elements to help keep your devices, paperwork, and business cards safe and dry.

This pack's purposeful design helps you commute from office to home with ease. Strategically placed pockets organize your accessories in the workstation and a large compartment at the bottom of bag is the perfect place to store your power brick. And for busy commutes on the train or a squeeze through a narrow aisle we've put a handle on the side so the pack will easily fit into tight spaces.



  • Made from recycled water bottles and PVC-free materials
  • SafePort® Sling Plus suspension system helps protect your laptop in case of drops
  • Patented checkpoint-friendly design unzips to lay flat for TSA screening
  • Advanced ergonomic design makes it comfortable to carry
  • Structured piping and layered design able the bag to stand upright
  • Padded top and side handles allow you to carry the pack like a briefcase
  • Air mesh back panel with air flow design helps keeps you cool on the go
  • Weather-resistant material helps protect from the elements
  • Targus Limited Lifetime Warranty

Eco-Friendly Materials

Recycled plastic bottles were crushed, cleansed, and processed into the fabric of this backpack. Complete with nickel-free hardware and PVC-free fabric, the production of this bag eliminates toxins and pollutants emitted into the air, water, and land. Each of the zipper pulls can even be recycled with other plastic materials when they're no longer needed.

Drop Protection

Minor drops and bumps are no problem for this backpack. Its SafePort® Sling Plus safely suspends your laptop in case it's dropped. Plus, Targus-quality foam provides front and side protection.

Ergonomically Designed

Adjustable features help distribute the packs' load evenly, which can help to reduce fatigue from long-term wear. To ensure the pack makes contact with key body touchpoints, we've devised a hinge system on the shoulder straps and placed padding at the lower back. The sternum strap also helps to keep the pack snug to the body so that weight moves downward rather than bearing the brunt of weight on your shoulders.

It Stands on Its Own

The Balance™ EcoSmart® stands on its own — literally! This pack's layered design and structural piping keep the bag upright wherever you set it down. That way, it's easy to reach your gear and still looks sharp as it stands tall in client conference rooms and board meetings alike.

Balance™ EcoSmart® - Turning Bottles into Bags

On the journey from bottle to bag, plastic water bottles are first shredded into small flakes. Those flakes are re-polymereized into plastic chips that are then heated and spun into yarn. Finally, that yarn is stitched and sewn into the fabric of our EcoSmart bags.

Innovative Protection

This bag provides all-around device protection with the SafePort® Sling Plus. It looks like a standard laptop pocket, but it's anything but standard. Inside, a neoprene cradle suspends your laptop to avoid contact with the floor of the bag. And the cradle is protected on all sides with Targus-quality foam for front and side protection from knocks.


Make and Model Targus 15.6in Eco-Smart Backpack
Part Number TSB921CA
Color Exterior: Black w/ Green Accent
Interior: Grey w/ Lettering
Case Material Nylon made from Recycled Plastic Pop Bottles
Drop Protection Targus SafePort® Sling Plus
Laptop Support Fits Laptops up to 395mm (15.6")
Dimensions (LxWxH) ~175 x 305 x 470mm
Weight 1.19kg