Cooler Master ARGB LED Small Fan Controller, Black

MX76624 ARGB LED Small Fan Controller, Black
MX76624 ARGB LED Small Fan Controller, Black MX76624 ARGB LED Small Fan Controller, Black MX76624 ARGB LED Small Fan Controller, Black

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Cooler Master Addressable RGB LED Small Controller*

The ARGB LED Small Controller is a small controller for your Addressable RGB fans for those Motherboards that don't have Addressable RGB support. With 6 pre-set modes and 7 different single colors option, you can make your gaming rig more colorful. You can also select to send control to your compatible Motherboard RGB LED Controller from 4 Manufacturers.


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  • Works with Popular Motherboard RGB Controllers
    This Fan Controller is compatible with ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI RGB Fan Controllers and can allow these Motherboards to control the connected ARGB Fans
  • LED Mode Adjustment Switch
    Choose from 6 different individual solid colors
  • LED Speed Adjustment Switch
    You control the speed of your LED Effects with 7 different levels
  • Thermal Detection
    When this mode is on, your Computer's temperature contols the color of your ARGB Fans
  • Simple 3 Port Setup
    It only takes seconds to connect this ARGB LED Fan Controller with 3 common connectors

Controller Button Function Guide



Designed to work with and control ARGB (Addressable RGB) Fans.


Make and Model Cooler Master ARGB LED Small Fan Controller
Buttons Motherboard Sync Button: Selects if the Controller or your comptaible Motherboard* controls the Connected Fan's Colors

Thermal Sensor Mode Button: Activates or cancels Thermal Detection Mode, which sets your Fan colors to match you Computer's internal temperature

LED Speed Control Button: Choose from 5 different ARGB LED Color change speeds

LED Effect Mode Button: Selects from 7 different ARGB LED Color Effects

Power 1x SATA Power Connector
Dimensions 60 x 24 x 15mm
Weight N/A

Package Contents

  • 1x Cooler Master ARGB LED Small Fan Controller
  • 1x SATA Power Connector Cable
  • 1x 3 Way ARGB Fan Splitter Cable
  • 1x Y Cable
  1. Motherboard ARGB LED control requires a Compatible ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI Motherboard with an integrated RGB LED Fan Controller.