FlorPad FlorPad Fury Gaming Chair Floor Mat, Red

MX76439 FlorPad Fury Gaming Chair Floor Mat, Red
MX76439 FlorPad Fury Gaming Chair Floor Mat, Red

Product Info

FlorPad FURY – Stay In The Zone

Ditch the lame rug and upgrade your gaming zone with the Florpad™ to make your gaming experience more comfortable and your setup that much more epic!

  • New Design with enhanced detail and approved by Gamers!
  • Advanced Matrix cloth protects your floor from being scratched or your carpet from being damaged from the heavy pressures from your chair
  • High density material is comfortable to stand on, rest your feet and even insulates heat keeping the cold floor beneath from penetrating through the surface
  • The surface is water resistant making it easy to clean up accidental spills
  • Anti slip surface acts as a good supporting base to keep your chair from rolling around during intense battles
  • Unique octagon shaped design allows for flexible fits for all gaming arenas
  • Ultimate floor protection with 4mm thickness
  • Approved by 18 Professional Esports team partners including Fnatic, Natus Vincere, Alliance, Hellraisers, The Imperial and many more!
  • Large mat is versatile in use: 47.2" x 47.2" x 0.15" (120 x 120 x 0.4 cm)



Ultra Protection

Stop scratching the floor and don't lose your grip with the ultimate floor mat to place under the gaming/office chair, the octagon shaped Florpad™.

Durable Performance

Florpad™ is specially crafted with gamers in mind, after all we're gamers ourselves! It's made with the same material used by combat divers! We're talking an advanced matrix cloth weaving surface that is water repellent and capable of withstanding heavy chair pressures to protect your floor. To put it simply, Florpad™ is made to stand the test of time. Florpad™ makes gamers feel like they're in control and serves as a steady ground for long game sessions.

Versatile Use

Trust us: Every gamer needs a red carpet beneath their throne. No matter how stylish your gaming zone is today, it's still missing the final piece of the puzzle to be complete: Florpad! Regular floor mats just won't cut it, ditch the lame rug! Florpad is the upgrade you need, no matter what game you're owning at.

Florpad™ is the best mat to support high-end gaming and office chairs. Washable at 30°C.


Product Octagon Shaped Gaming Chair Floor Mat
Part Number FM1_1102
Colour Black, Red
Materials Advanced Matrix cloth, Water resistant
Anti-slip surfaces
Dimensions 120 x 120 x 0.4 cm (47.2" x 47.2" x 0.15")
Weight 2.2kg (4.9 lbs)

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  • FlorPad Fury Gaming Chair Floor Mat
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